50 thoughts on “I Tried Jason Statham’s DIET & WORKOUT For A Day | Vegan Lunch??

  1. I don’t like salt in my oatmeal…ever. I even made some earlier this week & added a little salt, just to try it again. I just prefer an “all-sweet” oatmeal, I guess.

  2. Best Statham movie is definitely Snatch but Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels is very good too.

  3. I feel like so many celebs are trying to get some sort of credibility with the vegan lunch thing and then they have three types of meat for dinner and not even in small amounts. Just saying no hate.

  4. Sylvester stallone his diet and workouts when he trained for rocky or for rambo, he’s insane 🤯

  5. As a rower/masochist, Will’s 500 metres was very good for a non rower, he could probably get sub 1:25 with training. Jason’s on the other hand are a bit crap considering that he does it regularly, you could probably get those numbers after training for like 2 weeks. Even my rate 19 4k splits are faster than Jason’s 6th sprint

  6. I just saw it was Stallone’s 75th and he looks JACKED. WTF? Want to take a run at the old guy?

  7. Ohhh,the famous Hollywood diet:
    Broccoli, chicken brests and rice…..aaaaand you will have the perfect body.
    Too bad,that those foods doesn’t exist outside Hollywood.
    Ops,I almost forgot to ask you about something Hollywood 😅…
    What about steroids?
    Do they exist alongside with your famous chicken brests, rice abd broccoli !?!

  8. “Warmup is 20 strokes a minute and that alone is probably gonna finish me off”. Im literally crying 💀💀💀

  9. Have you done a Ryan Reynolds one? Also he seems like the kind that would love to do a vid with you. IDK how busy the man is but if hes got time I like to believe he will have fun doing a vid with you.

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