57 thoughts on “Cooking my subscribers recipes for a week *vegan edition*

    1. If anyone doesn’t like coconut milk, a v good substitute for it in the pasta is Alpro single soya cream

  1. 3:50 — THE RAGE.

    ETA: Also, as a fellow lentil lover, I have to recommend The Endless Meal’s crockpot curry. It’s vegan, stupidly easy, and goes a long way. You gotta top it with lime juice and fresh cilantro, though, to get the best experience.

  2. Grace, do you eat yum yum sauce with your Chinese rice? So good..if it’s the same as the yum yum sauce (aka shrimp sauce) we have in the US. Love it. Loved this video a lot!!

  3. pro tip: ditch the garlic crusher and get a microplane grater. You waste so much of the garlic clove with those crushers and theyre such a pain in the ass to clean AND they can only do one job…microplane grater will mince every last bit of the clove, they’re easy as pie to clean AND you can use it for many many things (mincing ginger, garlic, zesting lemons, limes, oranges, grating cheese, chocolate etc etc) also you get so much more flavour out of the clove by mincing it with a microplane 🙂

  4. Omg this is so meta. I was binging grack last night while baking those cookies at 2AM. And mine came out almost the same!!!! The dough seemed too wet to me so I added extra flour right away. Won’t lie, taste wise they were the best cookies I had since ive gone vegan but I also added (vegan)white chocolate and hazelnuts. Fed them to my coworkers today, they were pretty happy with them.

  5. Do people in the UK have sweets after a meal this regularly? I’m not judging just genuinely curious.

  6. To anyone reading this TRY THE CREAMY PASTA it’s amazing!! It has become a classic among me and my boyfriend (he’s not even vegan) if you don’t like mushrooms or spinach just use other veggies you have lying around in the fridge it will probably work ! (I already tried switching the spinach for courgette and brocolis & it was awesome)

  7. Heres a Jamie Oliver video how to peel, crush and chop garlic with out an annoying press…

    Also I know you’re mainly trained in baking but you’re a terrific cook and well please get a decent chef’s knife and get it sharpened when needed before you hurt your self!

    Cheers from Canada!

  8. I love this video and have watched it 12 times ish only for your dad walking around saying Paella. 😂

  9. Someone put YumYum sauce in a recipe for cauliflower tacos? That’s… a little weird tbh.

  10. I love Aldi! Word on the street is there puff pastry is to die for. Another English YouTube channel said it’s better than any other grocery store. Almost not worth making your own?

  11. Not me picking a random grackle video to watch because I’ve watched all of her content already 😶

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