1. I saw the guy with the electric guitar on the Vegas strip when I lived there. He’s in the beginning of the movie Fletch, with Chevy Chase. He’s on roller skates and has that same guitar!

  2. Despite putting good content consistently… There is such less views
    I guess the world is watching cat vids or get rich in a week vids… SAD

  3. Ooh can you do a breakfast ideas video if you haven’t already? I really want a good pancakes and French toast recipie. (Ooh but please can the pancake recipie not have protein powder in? All the ones I find have it in) thanks!

  4. HI CRYSTAL !!! your my hereO.. (he ree O) haha.. love to all of you! thanks for the awesome video! love to see you in the Sunshine!!

  5. What a fun video! I love all of your videos! You are so positive and fun. I love Crystal too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with me! <3

  6. You’re eating the natto wrong. It isn’t meant to be eaten straight out of the container alone like that. Get a bowl of hot brown rice, take about 2-3 Tbs and mix it together with one raw egg (white squiggly removed) and add a bit of shoyu for flavor. You mix it all together and sprinkle with chopped green onions. It’s very good this way. One way that we Japanese enjoy this food.

  7. Dope soundtrack, great video, nice vibes – as always. And it’s good to incorporate Crystal more too!

  8. I used to love natto, but then I found out it´s not vegan 🙁 was this vegan? I think it´s the same problem as with kimchi, when they add shrimp powder and fish sauce to it …

  9. LOOOVE you videos Derek – keep ’em coming!! I’m 70% Vegan now thanks to you! 😀 Still 30% vegetarian but I’m slowly getting there!

  10. I “WAS” thinking about trying NATTO so but thanks to you guys for clearing that up for me😝😝. And Chrystal has a straight poker face…WOW she took it like a CHAMP😘👌

  11. I saw some old videos and the results from just creatine and protein and backyard workouts is a far stretch. Guess if the Dr prescribed it then it’s vegan too!!
    PS: the hairline is the giveaway. Love the food videos keep up the great work!

  12. Ima be honest Simnet is like a symbol of piece like he’s so innocent and Brian Turner is like a bulky meat head but vegan

  13. 17:00 bro the was no need to eat it, the video was not going to be better because of it. You look like : “hey guys, let’s all get sick at the same time because we are retards…” no offense but that’s what it looks like

  14. Thnx for the video❤️ and another best thing I noticed that , the lady with the tattoo has tattoo on her left hand wrist called “अहिंसा” in hindi. Means non-violence .❤️💯

  15. Know this was awhile ago, thanks for sharing everything man. Just made the jump to vegetarian. Almost vegan. This helped me put alot

  16. Natto! Love it. That’s the staple in Japanese foods lol. Without sauce, it is not great. You can make natto sushi roll so you will not smell it much. I give you guys two thumbs up to try it though!!!

  17. Watching again, after a year. Saddened to see Jon, a “proud” ex-vegan, in the video. He is a disappointment for ethical vegans!

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