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    1. This is the Bergen rye bread, I’ve just been made aware however that it’s not vegan 😢 I never thought to check the ingredients but I’ll be on the hunt for another one that’s just as nutrient dense! Xx

  1. Hi Elsa, great Video, thanks so much for all the tipps (especially workout!). About the supplements: I tried to order the ritual prenatal vitamins (I’m also pregnant :-)), but it said, they only ship within the US ( I live in Switzerland)… how did you get the vitamins? Thanks for your help! Sophie

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your bump is so cute. I’ve just purchased the bundle and I’m so pleased with it already – such an amazing deal! There’s such a great variety of content and although I’ve been vegan for over 2 years there’s still so much for me to learn and I’m looking forward to trying new recipes etc. Thank you all so much! x

  3. Thanks beautiful for sharing all the information on vitamins, we are currently trying for a baby and if I hadn’t of watched this I would definitely be lacking a few things in my diet. ♥ ♥
    You look so Happy and your Glowing!
    Can’t wait to meet chick pea 🌟💕
    Your going to be an Amazzing mummy!
    Warm wishes from Exmouth WA xx

    1. I have 2 different bands on:
      40-mm Pink Sand Sport Band — Regular

      The other (one I think your talking about) is the: 40-mm Pink Sport Loop

      But I can’t find that one on their website anymore- bought it 2 years ago, appears they don’t do the light pink anymore!
      Both are from Apple Store 🙂

    1. Ahh try restarting your phone! And come back to this link and it should work! Let me know how it goes

  4. I was wondering how you ordered the ritual supplements in Australia.I tried ordering but says they only ship to US. Thanks.

  5. Hey Elsa, how do you get the ritual supplements delivered to Aus? It says on their website they only deliver within the USA, and when I get to checkout, I can’t add my Australian address 🤷🏼‍♀️ …thank you!

    1. They only ship to USA currently. They sent them over to me. Hopefully offering international shipping soon

  6. Love your videos and content, i was just wondering what dietetics degree did you do? And also what ones would you recomend?

    1. Thank you! I did my bachelor of nutrition and dietetics with honours ❤️ at Griffith uni, they offer this course across most leading universities 🙂

  7. I can’t seem to buy the ritual supplements when I put my address in as it’s not an American address?? So confused

  8. I made a recipe from the bundle for me and my dad and he really liked it! I freakin love this bundle sooo much

  9. im only 17 but this video was really interesting and insightful! im wishing you a smooth pregnancy and cant wait for more updates❤️

  10. I remember my brother in law coming here for the first time and getting to meet him, he brought vegemite and everyone gagged when we tried it lol, it’s an acquired taste I’d say haha.

  11. Love this!! Will you be doing any more ebook launches? I am new to your videos and would love to buy something to help me!

  12. Hi Ellie. I enjoyed your video. As much as I like the morning routine videos, it seems like there are so many of them and no one (or no one I like :P) is doing their evening/night routine. I’m now looking for some inspiration for that part of my day (as I usually just waste it watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram). I’m always inspired by your videos and I’d love to see a video of your evening routine.

  13. Hey Ellie, would you mind sharing how you got your hands on the ritual vitamins? I am so keen to try them and ordered them using Australia Post’s Shopmate, but they’re saying they can’t send them through to Australia as they’re prohibited? Did you have a friend send them for you? Thanks so much, Laura

    1. The company sent them over to me personally to try and review. Unfortunately I’m not sure how else you can get them here but I have spoken with the brand and they said shipping to Australia is on the cards 🙂

  14. love this! you made me feel so much better about having morning sickness! I’m currently in my 1st trimester and woooooahhh buddy its tough lol

  15. Hi Beautiful Elsa, I’m new to discovering you and your amazing journey and I’ve just got to the part on your video about the Ebook bundle….. I never comment on videos but I had to hit pause and ask this so i’m sorry if you’ve been asked the same question a million times already but is there going to be another round for sale? I am so so gutted I didn’t follow you before. I am also pregnant (32 weeks) and am loving your pregnancy content 🙂 I really hope you might do this offer once more for us newbies who have missed out on this absolutely insane deal. Loving your vibe and your calmness, you’ve got a new fan over here in the Netherlands and I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and motherhood journey xxxxx

    1. Awww I’m sorry! That particular deal won’t be happening again but I’m working on a new one in the coming months 🤞🏽🤞🏽 it all works out and happens 🥰👏🏼 xxx

    2. Elsa’s Wholesome Life I missed this deal as well, just found your channel and love your content. Is there a list of what books were in the bundle so I could look through it and see which ones interest me the most?

  16. If I lived in Australia, I’d be all over the macadamia milk! I always look for it here in Canada, but the only way is to make it and I go through it soooo quickly. Love it!

  17. with the Liquid iron i take it as i am iron deficient but you arent meant to have coffee if you are having that liquid iron other wise it doesnt work . Like the coffee cancels out the iron because i like coffee in the morning but i cant have it anymore because then i cant take my iron as it would just be pointless xxx

  18. Hi just wanted to let you know
    The lean protein in salted caramel has liquorice which isn’t always safe in early pregnancy…
    I know every thing is perfect now thankfully, but
    Just it’s better to be safe for any one considering it 🙏❤️

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