1. Hi, friends! Head to the description box for a PDF with the grocery list + full recipes for these vegan lunches. And comment below with which of these meals you’d like to try first, your favorite easy lunch to make, or what video you’d like to see next!

    1. Nisha girl! That tofu salad sandwich was a life changer! Just made it yesterday and it blew my mind 🤯

    2. @RainbowPlantLife

      I’m trying to get the PDF copy of these recipes. But it keeps saying my email is invalid 😭

    3. What’s a good substitute for arugula or kale. I’m allergic to that whole family. I usually use spinach. Would that we okay?

  2. Can i make 3 days in advance these lunch containers. I plan to make Mon to Wed’s lunch on Sunday night

  3. Can’t wait to try these out when I’m at college cooking food in my apartment next year! I love how these are simple, affordable, AND delicious. You are quickly becoming my favorite vegan youtuber!!

  4. I can’t wait to try it! That lemon zest and garlic oil looks amazing ! Love the video editing too- guitar cutting board- ha! Thanks So much!

  5. I have been watching your videos since quite sometime and have begun a big fan of your recipes. I love the way you talk and good to know our names are same😊🤗

  6. Love your videos Nisha! I can’t eat tofu or avocado, what can I substitute for these ingredients please? Thank you 🌸

  7. New sub here. I plan on binge watching your videos starting with the oldest. Ordered cookbook, too. Your presentation is wonderful. I have not eaten mammals for 43 years. I am looking to not eat chicken either. It is said when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Thank you for coming into my life!

  8. This is one of my favorite videos so far!! So helpful to have all these with the same ingredients so it really works with one grocery haul and on a budget. Bless you. This is brilliant. And looks delicious.

  9. Im actually not vegan or a full time vegetarian but Im really into eating healthier. But the „new“ things im cooking with is pretty hard bc not everything tastes. So long story short what Hummus are u using?

  10. No matter what other accounts I visit, I keep gravitating back to yours. I bought the processor in the video because of you and now I’m gonna go make this recipe! Thanks so much!!

  11. I like the avocado preservation technique you use. I always have half a chopped onion in my fridge and don’t like how overpoweringly citrus my avocado tastes when I save part of it using lemon or lime juice. I’ve just been making due and eating oxidized avocado but the onion works pretty well. Thank you.

  12. This is really rainbow beautiful and tasteful food, I love it. But when you prepare it for the whole week how do you keep it and how do you warm it up before eating?

  13. I just made the pesto sauce with spinach instead of oregano and my family LOVED it. Usually they hate everything I make but they loved this. Will definitely make more of your recipes

  14. I’m not vegan, but I do like to have a more plant focused diet, and I love to watch your videos! So much inspiration! I love that you have such a variety in flavors, and so many different colored foods. It is so important to have a varied diet! Thank you!

  15. You can say chemicals / VOC ( volatile organic compounds! in onion that keep avocado fresh

  16. What a great channel thanks for you videos looking forward to do this and the hummus.

  17. Hi! Could you do some low carb meals as well? I love love carbs but my metabolism can’t handle it 🙁

  18. As a dietetics student (dietician-to-be 😉 ) I can attest that these meals Nisha put together really are great nutritious options! Thank you as always Nisha <3

  19. You are saving my life right now. Thank you! My husband wats the same thing everyday. We’ve been vegetarian for awhile and making seitan sandwiches. No he needs to be off of gluten. So happy to have something easy and with variety! I totally used some Thai basil and argula, it rocked his socks off. Thank you!!!

  20. Free advice: Don’t watch this if it’s lunchtime and you’re hungry. These all look and sound soooooo delicious!!

  21. Hi Nisha, these meals look amazing! YouTube needs to may an app where everyone can download a copy of the actual food you are making. It would put door dash out of business. Oh, and of course you could charge for it.

  22. It always feels like you’re self sabotaging your blood pressure trying to get the right amount of salt in plant based recipes, but then your sodium levels are right where they should be at your next blood test.

  23. Can you suggest recipes for babies? I’m shifting into a more plant based diet/while foods. Thank you

  24. Well I dropped right in and made the sandwiches with some leftover tofu. They where so good 😍 Thanks for sharing! This will be my go to lunch mealprep.

  25. What a great idea ! Thanks for the lunch meal plan ideas for the week. I’d love to see breakfast and dinner idea as well. I just subscribed to your channel today. Will check out your videos as well. Thank you

  26. Hey there, 23 year old vegan body builder here. I love the PDF’s you make available for us to download, thank you so much!! I was wondering if you could also make the calorie counts available? that would be extremely helpful! Thanks again

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