50 thoughts on “I Went To The HEALTHIEST VEGAN Makeup Counter IN THE WORLD || ETNIA COSMETICS

  1. I am sorry but the girl said they sell this in France Portugal Spain Italy.Then she says the SPF is 8 because it’s made by European standards and that it’s not as sunny in Europe.As an European who visited all the said countries and lives in both Italy and Spain I am annoyed because those countries are some of the warmer European countries. I use spf 50 not 8. Wtf?

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  3. Yeah the end tho lmao tbh it looks the same as if u went to the works just with professionalism and good quality makeup

  4. That was an amazing natural every day look your skin looked so healthy. I’m not too sure about the make up line the pigments are not as strong as what I’m use to but for an every day look I think it’s great for the natural look and your skin looked really amazing immediately when she first put the product on the skin for sure great video Judy

  5. Stainy, orangy foundation, washed dull green on eyes, yellow cheek… nope! You don’t look good in this make up :C

  6. The SPF IS 8??? and then she says the sun isn’t the strongest in europe ? there is only one sun for the whole world. while it can be hotter in other countries, the sun can still cause a-lot of damage to the skin.You can burn on a cloudy day here in Ireland. Judy has fair or pale skin with what i would say is rosy or neutral undertone meaning she would burn very easily. Everyone should be wearing at least spf 30 ideally spf 50. the highest you can get with uvb and uva protection. SPF is the most important part of your skincare and make up application. just as much as cleansing and moisturizer.

  7. This is the most beautiful I have ever seen you look in this channel!! Love the makeup ❤️❤️

  8. the make up artist was very honest and kind! the look was natural and beautiful!, and the products used for ur skin looked rly smooth and refreshing! the make up artist was telling u the items used for the products!😁

  9. Just came across your channel and subbed! I really like these little makeup journeys you go on to have professional MUA do not only your makeup but also your skincare beforehand. I mean you have beautiful skin naturally anyways but your vids have introduced me to some new brands that I’m now intrigued to look into and perhaps try out myself

  10. my thoughts are basically two:
    1. i really liked the girl who did your make up, she has such cute vibes
    2. i love love love that they are vegan products bc, in my opinion, we really need to start caring way more about the other beautiful beings co-existing w us like animals, but also plants, trees, mountains… nature overall.

    nice to know they can be found in mexico as well, can’t wait to go buy some stuff, thx judy d. !!!

  11. She did really good and I’d probably use these products, however your foundation was either a shade too dark or a shade too yellow, but overall looks flattering!

  12. I am your fan and watching almost all your videos ad I must say, this is the most beautiful and natural health looking make-up I ever seen on your channel and it´s suits you so well <3

  13. The finish look is beautiful, just the foundation is a little dark but you certainly had a radiant healthy glow 😊💗

  14. She could have the foundation shade right and blended into your neck a bit.
    Im glad it was clean and hygeienic.
    A bit underwhelmed by the whole look really.

  15. I love the feeling these videos give me for some reason do I sound like a freak or something😭😭😭

  16. אבל אני לא מבינה למה אף פעם לא מתאימים לך בסיס שתואם את צבע עורך?!?!

  17. Hi Judy, this was the best video. Very nice colors. And the makeup artist was informative and professional. Hopefully, this company will come to the US.🤎

  18. YESSSSS. Me, a Spanish girl, super fan of Etnia, loving this video 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍 I have the Empower mascara and the highlighter and they’re the best ones I’ve tried, for real

  19. She didn’t do your neck and had she put as much effort into doing the makeup as she did promoting it she may have realised her mistake.She also didn’t get your shade.You have one of the easiest faces to paint and the natural look is even simpler to do.you did look lovely but why wouldn’t you?

  20. It’s nice and natural,but she forgot your neck! I live in Spain and have never heard about this brand before so I’ll do some research cause all products seem so good!😊😊

  21. You look AMAZING! I’m so glad you were pampered and treated the way you should always be treated at a make-up counter instead of being abused. I do thank you for going through torture so we can have a laugh. Your an amazing young woman.

  22. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable the salesperson was about the products, their purpose, the correct application process, etc.

  23. hello babe! I love your channel, but I don’t understand English, could you put subtitles in Spanish 🙏❤️ please and be able to understand! and so I subscribe to your channel ❤️.
    hola nena! me encanta tu canal, pero no entiendo el inglés podrías poner subtítulos en español 🙏❤️ porfavor y poder entender! y asi me suscribo a tu canal ❤️

  24. Beautiful makeup very pretty just one little thing though she should’ve blended everything down to the neck sorry just saying

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