55 thoughts on “8 Easy Vegan Desserts (Chocolate Recipes)

  1. It looks so tasty ! Can’t wait to try those, thank you very much ! By the way the receipe card on the side is very helpful and pratical 🙂

  2. Songs on point I want to find the one playing at :50 please you didn’t list it 🤓🤓🤓 sissss

  3. The consistency of peanut butter is so perfect in thr first recipe. Is it homemade ? Where can I get the recipe?

  4. Omg these look sooo good we’re so grateful to have you share these recipes with us! Thank you for your work💜💜💜

  5. I’m not a vegan but I made the first banana snickers stuff without that chocolate and they were amazinggg thanks for this so much 🥰🥰

    1. These are really good! Especially the Banana Snickers! I do workout regulary and I need a healthy and easy snack! I’d use 99% dark chocolate and it would be marvellous!

  6. Clicked for the triple chocolate nice cream, just made it and was not disappointed 👌❤🤤🍫

  7. I tried the sweet potato chocolate pudding and it was absolutely disgusting actually, but the rest of them look pretty good

  8. I am by no means a vegan. But I did work at a vegan cafe’ while in college, and I can report that I gained weight while working there. I can tell you that I will be gaining weight from these recipes also!

  9. I have already tried the snickers and the espresso shake and it was amazing!🔥thank you ❤️❤️

  10. i’ve ttried all of them and i haven’t been disappointed by any of them ! they’re so delicious! thanks so much for sharing !

  11. finally a video with ingredients I have!thank u so much really liked the recipes gonna try them asap!❤️though am not vegan but i try my best to eat healthy thank u anw❤️

  12. What can I substitute for the tahini in the mug cake pls? Would yogurt or peanut butter work? Or sesame oil or flavorless oil?

    1. I used 2 tbsp vegetable oil and it came out a soggy texture not really cake like but it still tasted good. I probably should’ve reduced the oil, wonder if that’d result in the texture in the video or maybe just peanut butter might work? Idk I need help…😓

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