55 thoughts on “Merle’s Favorite Vegan Recipes For The Spring

  1. Thanks for watching, friends! I hope these bring some inspiration into your kitchen — were all spending more time at home right now , hopefully this helps spice up your day. Stay safe and well, everyone 💚 ✨

    1. Hey Merle ! I just wanted to let you know that your link for the “Vegan Butternut Squash Al Pastor Tacos” isn’t the right one , it links us to the chowder video instead !

    2. Merle, that chowder is amazing! Just made it this afternoon – so creamy, flavourful and took me right back to visiting Boston! 😍

  2. Hey Merle, your Vegan Butternut Squash Al Pastor Tacos recipe link takes me to the Vegan Butternut Squash Al Pastor Tacos recipe! Any chance you can re-post it? Thanks!

  3. Silly me, I kept understanding “roman” noodles while in actual fact is ramen which in Japanese the “a” is pronounced like the “a” in the word “car” in British English. I’m Italian so I was wondering why nobody told me anything about the famous “roman” noodles… 🍜😂😜 I love your cooking show and I also love seeing you and Aria together! A big hug to you, sister!

  4. Everything looks delicious but too much oil everywhere. All oils are very inflammatory, yes, including olive oil and they’re really not needed when cooking/baking, etc. 🙁

  5. Great video. Not sure if anyone with Goodful will read this or can do anything about it – but pretty unfortunate that there was 4 ads in a 10 minute video. 🙁

  6. Loved all of your recipes. We also make videos about Vegan recipes. Do check us out.

  7. Dishes never take me an hour 😅 I’m just way too slow at vegetable prep.

    Also, peeling and cubing a butternut squash is at least an hour all on its own!

  8. I uploaded on my channel a Ramen recipe and I was afraid that someone will kill me for it too 😂 But I tried my best and it was tasty and nutritious and I think that when it comes to food that’s the most important!

  9. Hey Merle thanks so much for inspiring me to try new recipes! I’m not a vegan but they look amazing and I will try them 🙂

  10. I really love how approachable and back to the basics they are I really feel like I could cook these even tho I only go vegan one day a week

  11. Vegans love their one pot meal for the week. My every week stock up is rice lentils and rice. Now I can go places with those three.

  12. I cannot get enough of Merle! At this rate I won’t have any of her vids left to watch by the end of the day lol 🙃

  13. I like this, but my impression was that she’d be using in-season veggies. Butternut squash is not harvested in the spring, neither is kale……

  14. Merle’s face in the thumbnail looks like she’s looking down on us and judging us. Like she’s saying “Pathetic!”


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  16. Who the hell did Merle’s make up? chyle why is the concealer not blended. Love you Merle fire that person

  17. Actually the real name is “rucola” in Italian because “arucola” sounds like a dialect version of its original name.

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