60 thoughts on “Pantry Recipes: Chickpeas | Basics with Babish

    1. A year later on Pantry Basics, a can of condensed soup and three broken spaghetti noodles I found on the floor.

  1. the best chickpea food has to be chickpea curry

    (chickpea curry isn’t the right name, it’s called chole but chickpea curry was the closest thing in English)

  2. Me sees chole chawal in thumbnail : Maza ayega aaj

    Why Andrew Why ? You ate your chole chawal with forks …… Thats a sin .

    1. I don’t see the fuss about Desis obsessing eating rice with hand? I’m not saying you specifically but I don’t see desis eating Chinese with chopsticks either

  3. The meringue kisses aren’t vegan because you used refined white sugar. The chocolate chip cookies aren’t either, same reason.

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  5. Its not chaana masala, say the 2 a’s like you say aaaaaaaaaa when you’re trying to remember something.

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  7. Don’t roast pre-ground Garam Masala (ideally, its already roasted – especially if it’s from an indian convenience store).

  8. Uncooked flour can contain salmonella. It’s recommended that if you want edible cookie dough you should bake your raw flour first until browned.

  9. You dared to call hummus a… “condiment”!? The nerve of some people! Hummus is 95% of my daily diet (the other 5% being the pita bread I dunk in it).

    I’m offended by this! I guess it’s time to get Babish cancelled!

  10. If you’re eating chana masala with rice, go ahead and reduce the consistency of the gravy a bit. Helps to mix with the rice better. The thicker version is better with roti or parantha. Either way, enjoy with onion + lemon + salt and pepper, and some chilled curd if you can find it.

    Personal Pro Tip – If eating with rice, mix it well and leave it to for an hour or so. Then, heat it up and enjoy a party where “everyone’s got to know each other better.”

  11. If you’re playing along at home, it’s actually *coo-min* unless you pronounce coupon as *kyu-pon*. If that’s the case, I bet you can’t wait until you get to the second grade! 🙄

  12. coming at this in June 2021, just wanna say thank you
    because my husband recently started dialysis
    which means we have to MASSIVELY alter his diet
    and chickpeas are about the only legume he’s allowed to have, ever

  13. Babish : *makes hummus using canned chickpeas*
    the Arab in me: he did not just make hummus out of cardboard peas….oh he did…prepare to die!

  14. For hummus, if you don’t have tahini you could also use melted butter and a small drop of sesame oil.

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