50 thoughts on “Feel Good Vegan Lockdown Meals 🌱ITAL CURRY 🔥

  1. Thanks Rachel queen your food looks so delicious and healthy. I cant wait to start making your dishes. May you continue to spread the word, with god help! 🙏😀

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  4. Tastes absolutely amazing! Don’t think I cooked the plantain the right way. Are they supposed to be sweet or bland? It kinda taste bland to me🤷

  5. I made this today! delicious! delicious! I am going to fry some plantain later and have that with the leftovers! Thank you for the recipe! 🙂 Love from Lagos,Nigeria!

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  7. You have the most gorgeous smile! I loved watching this, thank you for sharing this recipe. I’ve watched your videos from when I first went vegan and your cookbook was one of the first I was gifted anddddd yours is my favourite of all!!!

  8. I’ve been watching a lot your videos for a few weeks now and I’m not even vegan but I made a version of this curry and oh my goodness it was so good. I really appreciate good food with all the flavour and spice being South African. I made mine hotter and I didn’t have plantain unfortunately but I had a small salad of cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions, sprinkled parsley on top and normal white rice instead of quinoa. What makes me want to make your dishes is the fact they are good and tasty and high in nutrients which is important for me because I’m 37 weeks pregnant and love eating healthy anyway. Basically amazing and would definitely have it again.

  9. I would LOVE to know what kind of braids/twists you are rocking!! I definitely love them….btw new to vegan cooking and you have been my go to person!! Looking forward to trying this recipe

  10. I’ve just made this and have just finished eating it. And I have to say, YES! I’m not vegetarian or even vegan and having eaten this it hits all the right notes – definitely didn’t miss meat with this dish!

  11. In my country (Trinidad and Tobago) what u call spring onions we call chive and we pronounce it as cive

  12. Cooking is surely much more an enjoyable experience with the proper tools and an aesthetically pleasing kitchen as you have here!!! Loved this video!

  13. I was able to get rid of herpes through the help of Dr okosun, an African herbalist who cured me totally from herpes through his herbal product, thank you Dr okosun God bless ❤

  14. Oh..My…Living….GOD!! I made this last night and sheeeeesh. So good! Extremely flavorful. So much left over and I’m not even mad. I’m cool with eating this for the next couple days. About to eat again for dinner right now. Thanks for the recipe Rachel!

  15. I know this was uploaded a year ago but I hope someone answers me. When she does the curry powder and lists what’s in it do we know all those spices on top of the curry powder?

  16. This sounds like another one I’m going to love. Have you ever made samosas? I’m trying to come up with a samosa filling that could also work as a sandwich filler… I was given one of those grillers that makes sandwich pockets and thought of using a samosa-type filling. Any thoughts?

  17. Rachel,I must say that having recently discovered you and your many delicious looking nutrition packed vegan recipes,I am definitely going to give them a try! I have many of the veggies here in the house presently.I’ll let you know how the recipes turn out. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Try holding back two or three spring onions and put in the kitchen window in a jar with a inch of water. The spring onions will regenerate and grow shoots and roots. can plant in a put of use for cooking by just cutting off the shoots as long as you don’t cut the center shoot it will grow more shoots for use. I have planted some in a pot outside and i have not had to buy any in years.

  19. It is because Ital is a RAW diet of Rastafarians, they don’t use oil, salt(YES, salt) and any processed condiments. Just pure herbs and spices as ‘flavorings’ for their dishes..

  20. You inspired me to try your sweet potatoes , squash stew I loved it….
    Healthy and balance meal….

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  22. I love it! Great video Rachel. I am going to share to let people know how amazing plant based meals can be.

  23. I’m not vegan nor intend to be but I’m gonna drastically cut my meat intake and up the vegetables in my life, this is the first vegan meal I’ve eaten and was very nice.

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