1. Hi Wil!! I love your channel and everything I’ve tried so far as been delicious! My partner says your videos are like a cooking meditation ☺️❤️

  2. For some reason the voice sounds like Gordon Ramsay, “whisk” “in”. Looks good 👍👍👍👍

  3. I was wondering about the vegan noodles being used? Is it shiitake buckwheat or spinach noodles/soba?

  4. I am so happy to find your channel.i am vegan and it’s really hard to find tasty things as vegan

  5. As someone trying to limit dairy products, and who cant stomach much meat, I seriously thank you for these amazing recipes!! I’ve been on a serious weight loss journey (lost over 70kg all on my own 🥳) and I’ve recently been allowing myself more things like noodles and breads in a balanced lifestyle but honestly I was running out of delicious, healthy ways to prepare meals. This was suggested and I think it’s going to be a lifesaver, especially as we get into the cooler months here in Australia!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try!! (Also, omg, as an almond milk enthusiast I cant wait to try the tan tan recipe!! I love it when things are vegan!!!! 🥰)

  6. I was a huge meat lover for most of my life and never ate vegetables or anything healthy for that matter. Recently I felt like I was having a heart attack and decided that I needed to make a life change for my 2 year-old daughter. Switched seemingly overnight to a plant-based diet and it has been difficult to say the least…but these kind of videos motivate me to keep going. Thank you for sharing these recipes!

  7. Now this is definitely a step up from my onion chilli broth x3 I’m going to try the mixed miso ramen tonight!

  8. The Tan Tan ramen is DELICIOUS! I thought the Satay one was my favourite but man this one was FABULOUS! I added broccoli florets in stead of bok choy, king oyster mushrooms and marinated tempeh but left the spicy oil out and both my 2 yo and non vegan husband loved it! Thank you so much for all your work, delicious recipes and straightforward channel! From Prague with love!

  9. Hello Wil – – I’ve lost track of the original YouTube, but I tried to download your free offer for “5 recipes to cook with confidence”. Unfortunately, it only seems to be available on Scribd, and they make you sign up with payment information before you can do the download. Maybe you didn’t know this, but it’s a dirty trick they’re playing on your followers !!!

    1. Ahhh! I will look into this – in the meantime, all content is currently exclusively found through the website yeungmancooking.com 🙌🏻

  10. I feel blessed that your video came up on my veggie ramen recipes search. I can now make ramen with ABSOLUTE confidence. You my friend have gained a new subscriber. Thank you!

  11. I love watching your videos so much! 🙂 Ramen is one of my favourite dishes when cooking at home – authentic and even vegan, which is perfect! Thanks for your videos!

  12. It all looks delicious, but what with tiny broth portions? I usually make like 3 litres at least, so me and bf can eat for few days. He is doing broths with like 1 cup af water.

  13. All of the homemade ramen recipes I’ve seen use soy sauce in the broth base, except for you. Is there a specific reason why?

  14. Lay ho ma! I have tried the peanut satay ramen and it tastes amazing! I even made a reel of the same! I have been watching this one video from many months! Haha and yes the background music is so lovely! Its so calming and beautiful. Please let me know which music is it😊

    1. 🥳🥳🥳 So glad you are enjoying. All music from the show is from Soundstripe 🙌🏻

  15. Great tip to use the sieve to break up the miso. So simple yet I never thought of it and have been battling the dreaded miso clumps for years!!

  16. I have a question – I know this is an old video. I’m a lazy chef who also happens to really enjoy chunkier soups – can one just leave all of the ingredients from the broth making in the final dish?

  17. Seems rather wasteful to boil two pots of water and throw water away from noodles. I will try but I will only use one pot.

  18. Wowowow so excited to try these recipes! Thank you! Like everyone else already said, love your straightforward approach and calming voice! 🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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