50 thoughts on “3 Delicious Lentil Recipes | healthy + vegan

  1. Bro these recipes are gold . THIS CHANNEL IS A TREASURE I love the modern twists u have in indian cooking !

  2. Btw my dad does the same to my mom, he never cooks but knows exactly what he want s and how he wants the food to be… to the point he’ll know exactly what the recipe is….

  3. omg!!! I did the third recipe and it is DELICIOUS!!!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art of cooking and greetings from Poland!

  4. Question for you. What if you can’t eat ginger? Is there any other spice I could substitute it with?
    I’m sadly intolerant to ginger 😭

  5. well, i guess man are the same in everywhere and in every culture. We love to interrupt woman even when they know much more of the subject than us… I’m from Brazil by the way.

  6. Im not a vegan and never goin tk be but im on a plant based diet and reduced my animal protein

  7. Tried the last recipe but it burned horribly! My stove runs hot even on low, so gotta be on the watch. Salvaged what I could and I know this would be great if cooked properly!

  8. So much of protein water was lost while draining. It is better to soak the whole lentil and instapot it for 1 min. Fast and easy with no loss of nutrient.

  9. Thanks so much, I am excited to try these. I want to go vegan again, but because I weight lift I felt limited to just eating tofu and black beans all the time to ensure I get enough protein. The first time I made lentils they were super bland. I am really excited to make them using your methods.

  10. Your parents are SO cute!!! Lol your dad is precious. Had me rolling “he doesn’t make Dal I make Dal” but is giving the directions 😂

  11. ok i watched ONE of your videos and subscribed bc i’m so adhd but you videos are so easy for me to follow! i struggle so much to cook but this is so helpful and i looove your parents omg lol

  12. 8:29 Bhen I don’t know where u get Ur Basmati rice from but u should sue the company… That’s not Basmati rice, it looks more like Kolum rice or the one that I get free at my ration store… What ever that rice is, it’s not Basmati for dam sure… 🤪🤪🤪

  13. The dhal was delicious! Super creamy and rich in flavor, especially with the tadka and the addition of the coconut milk. Thanks! Love your vegan recipes 🙂

  14. The toasted black mustard seeds, and cumin seeds are what makes the day tadja for me. They are key to so many dishes. Also toasted urad. Thanks for the great recipes!

  15. Loved your parents! Thank you for adding that. Reminded me of my family. All the people I didn’t ask the question are the ones that have the most information to share.

  16. OMG the interaction with your parents made me laugh so hard! So adorable <3 Just got into your channel and wanted to say thank you for all these yummy recipes! (I'm not vegan but trying to eat healthier.)

  17. I love fennel. I eat it like peanuts. This is so complicated I will never be able but maybe some details will rub off

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