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  1. She was a terrible choice for the hunters defense with all due respect. She not only didn’t capitalize on educating him on the important points she could have. Furthermore, she said some blatantly silly things which made her lose the debate. He’s a wise young man, and his hearts in the right place. But there are stronger arguments to his point that she even begins to touch on.

    1. That’s just what happens when you choose a hunter that doesn’t need to defend their stance and someone that has been defending his lies and hypocrisy for years.
      He is skilled in evasion, double speak, and manipulation of a talking point.

      When you see someone claiming to be vegan you can ask a simple question and you will find out they will evade the truth at all costs.
      “Why do you use animal products intentionally and needlessly that are possible and practicable to avoid while telling others they shouldn’t?”
      Smart phones, computers, routers, servers, televisions, asphalt roads, motor vehicles, drywall, etc.. are all made with fat, gelatin, and bones.

      You will get denial, monologues, personal attacks, justifications, etc…
      They will never plainly and honestly answer the question because it destroys their narrative with hypocrisy.

  2. Total veganism is logically stupid at a practical level for how it’s implemented in the world, it’s incoherent at it’s pillars and doesn’t fulfill it’s purpose, it’s just another wrong way. Unnecessary meat is detrimental for both humans, earth and ethics. Nutritionally adequate amounts of meat scientifically seem to be necessary and are at the moment more accessible than substitutes. There should be like some new guidelines and research about how much meat is the minimum necessary and about how to make up for the rest without unnecessary animal abuse. That’s good for everyone. And stop traumatizing yourself with those videos because you’re not developing sensitivity, don’t hide behind that because you’re literally exposing yourself to something you’re not used to living in a modern society, from zero not even to 100 but over it: to unnecessary cruelty. What do you expect? You’re gonna get traumatized and become incoherently vegan to then find every way possible to justify your (depending on the case) self inflicted trauma.

  3. Everything that lives feeds on other living things. Death is always necessary. So if we can kill an animal completely painless and give it a great life then what’s a difference between killing a cow or a plant?

    1. A cow is conscious and eating flesh is something just beasts should be forced to. Plants are something special, they don’t take, they give. They never fully die as long their seed prevails, they never suffer or fear, they will be victorious, even if they fall, because they aren’t just individuals, but one pure good on this world. We turned animals into weak, pathetic versions of the animals they were supposed to be, but plants got stronger, bigger and even more majestic.

  4. She’s right about cattle over breeding which throws the eco system out of balance. One good documentary on Netflix is “Kiss the ground” where I first came across the research relevant. There’s a reason we have carnivore animals who hunt and eat herbivore animals. I hate violence, and I prefer herbivore animals as they’re more innocent and pure, I hate watching a lion kill a vulnerable animal for food. But reality is, there is a food chain. He’s saying these animals die necessarily, bad farming is awful, but the necessity of eating meat is debatable. Science has not backed vegan diet fulfilling nutritional needs as of yet, and maybe never will. I think if we got all the nutrition necessary from plants only, then possibly it could be a step in evolution, towards breatharianism. With a vegan like him who can admit it’s not perfect because yes you kill other animals (and who is he to decide a cow’s life is worth more than an aphid?) I’d have to bring up one of my main points which she didn’t mention… but an an empathic being, my question to vegans is, why do you think it’s ok to kill and consume plants? They’re also living beings. He might think something that bleeds red blood like him is more valuable but that’s bias. A breatharian doesn’t kill or eat plants, she/he lives in harmony with them feeding off of prana only. Some would say we were all originally breatharian in prehistoric times. I mean…. yes, in the end as he says… this stuff needs a lot of conversation if one’s goal is to evolve together.

  5. I bet that the hunter will get her first attack with 60. The vegan will still be healthy even with 85.

  6. If you remove the purpose of the animals, humanity will get rid of them. Half of animals we discovered are GONE.. And vegan & leftists brains are destroying the culture that would house them. Do the math. – Atheist eugenicist_Mass depop/hunting season expert

  7. The vegan openly admits to valuing a cow over an aphid. Why? Because of the cow’s big cow eyes and floppy ears? That’s no reason to value one life over another.

  8. One thing that I strongly disagree with. Is when the guy says living off grid would be suffering because all you do is survive. I live on the road, I don’t have the ‘comortable’ life, but it is a great life, my priorities have changed and although I forage for a percentage of my meals in order to survive, I still have time to read, listen to music, write, it’s not all about worrying where the next meal is coming from.

  9. i understand both sides, If we all stopped eating meat (beef,pork, lamb etc) they would shortly become culled for the land they are destroying. if we let the animals roam free (the farmers) would still need the land for explosion in need for plant crops and there for have to kill the animals for the sake of killing them. At least meeting in the middle and lowering your meat intake and stop buying lower quality meat (full processed meat that is cheap and nasty). There is a supply of the cheap and mass produced meat because there is a demand for it, if people stopped eating as much meat (say 2/3 days with out meat) and stopped buying the 100 chicken nuggets for £4 from Iceland etc there would be more control over the quality of meat being sold there for pleasing the vegans (less animals getting killed but also less animals being born due to less demand) and the meat eaters being happy due to getting to eat meat and also having more varied diet.

  10. so basically vegans are like
    cow’s life matters more than ants cause
    cows are Big
    what kind of stupid logic is that
    i will agree that if you compare it with population ratio but that doesn’t make it less soul’ at all

  11. Good this vegan wasn’t like hella emotional and actually is good at constructing an argument and being objective and seems to be educated.

    1. He has been proven a liar numerous times.
      He isn’t even vegan. He just claims he is for subs, donations, and views.

    1. @Josie good fight have a nice day
      carnivores have long, sharp teeth adapted to ripping, tearing or cutting flesh. While many also possess a few molars in the back of their mouths, and sharp incisors in the front, the most important teeth for carnivores are their long, sharp canine teeth.

    2. we don’t have carnivore teeth…. look up the teeth of carnivorous animals, they’re all sharp. we have two k9s, omnivore and herbivore species have them

  12. Why is this video edited just to hear the vegans point of view for the most part. I wanted to hear both sides but it was edited to push one side over the other.

  13. One of the most likeable vegans I’ve seen. She let the fellow meat eaters down (especially with the “de-evolution of man” comment)

  14. Is Morraly wrong to eat meat: Hell No
    Is it morrally worng to eat Vegis: Hell Yeah
    Is it wrong to Hunt Veagens: Hell No
    Am i commenting for the sake of a conflicting disbute. Hell Yeah.
    Is it morally wrong to debate in general: Hell No
    Is it Morraly worng to debate to Start conflict for no reason: …………….

  15. I’m just annoyed that so many vegans look and sound annoying. It really doesn’t help us tolerate them! And the fact that he insisted on being called ‘Earthling Ed’ is just ridiculous. Dude, you’re more of an Earthling if you’re omnivorous! 😂

  16. I don’t get vegans about cows and stuff do they just want them for die of old age and get eating my vultures?? I’m confused if u cry as much about that as u do for farming

  17. He’s right, she’s wrong. It’s abundantly clear. I say that as someone who does eat meat. For almost every social discussion those who are considered progressive, liberal, left wing, etc. When you look back in history, they’re almost always the ones who were correct. When it comes to veganism it’s astoundingly obvious that veganism is better for the world in so many ways.

  18. Modern hunters are the devolution of men, they are don’t just cannot live without feasting on flesh, but have a obsession with destruction and bloodshed. I will never see them as my kind, my kind has higher standards than that.

  19. There must be a middle ground where meat can be consumed without the need for mass factory farming etc the world will never be fully vegan so using the guys words, it’s about minimising the suffering. However to suggest insects lives are less important than cows just contradicts the whole vegan message because you’re increasing the suffering on insects to lower the suffering to cows etc

  20. I love meat and will never be vegan but I just want that Hunter to shut the fuck up, the vegan is clearly educated about his lifestyle choice and the hunter clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about and probably just hunts because it’s fun and doesn’t actually have a logical reason behind ot

  21. Earthling Ed isn’t the smartest but really tries his hardest to articulate his points well to gain the other interviewers respect.

  22. It’s easy to preach vegan diets sitting in a warm studio, sipping your starbucks, working remotely on your laptop when the biggest problem in your life is feelings of a random cow. Get out of the city and see how 90% of people live.

  23. Having digestive issues, I hate vegans. The only foods I can eat are animal based. I get extreme pain from eating grains and vegetables. I’ve done so many food elimination trials to reduce the pain I feel every day. When I hear that someone chooses not to eat meat, my automatic reaction is,”go fuck yourself.” Because for me, I have no choice. My word of caution for vegans is this, stomach acid is a gift and once you lose it you will suffer digestive issues like myself and a lifetime of misery.

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