7 thoughts on “Low impact, beginner, fat burning, home cardio workout. ALL standing!

  1. Dear Team, I have always been conscientious about my body and for most of my life had regular exercise. In the last 10 years, exercise has gone by the wayside-I don’t know why. My family got me an apply watch for mother’s day.I have been doing a lot of walking which has felt great, but in the last few days developed terrible shin splints. I needed something new.
    I am claiming my body back. This work out was just what I needed. I don’t have all the moves down, and laughed at myself for mixing up. All three of you kept encouraging me with smiles and words and actions. THANK YOU!!! You are now part of my health journey!

  2. Hey there! I’m a 20 year old girl that has had body hatred and image issues for as long as I can remember πŸ™ I’ve never let my insecurities show in front of my friends and family but, I’ve always wished to have a healthier weight and lifestyle. I’ve been trying many workout routines for the past 5 years but in the end, I’ve always lost my motivation and stopped midway. This past period of quarantine and pandemic, I realized I needed to find my will again and stick with something for the long term. That’s when I came across your channel and videos a month ago and I loved the positivity and good vibes coming from your encouragement words. So, today marks 22 days since I started working out again through your videos and I’ve been able to lose 5 kg ( ~ 11lbs) and hoping to lose more while also being careful of the food I consume. Thank you so much! You and your team are an inspiration β™₯

    ( Just for reference : I’m 170 cm tall ( 5.57 ft) and my beginning weight was 90 kg ( 198 lbs)…..now I’m done to 85 kg (187 lbs) )

    1. @Daisy Also, I’ve been having a break this month because of health issues, but I usually mix these workouts throughout the week and try to do at least 30-40 minutes every day!

    2. @Ria M. Thanks ria I’m going to do this exercise and will tell the results after 2 weeks.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

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