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  1. I don’t understand why Indians say Hindi words with such an accent!! Do they forget hindi altogether? I find it so embarrassing to listen to accented hindi spoken by indians

  2. I love that you call the strainer a ‘spider claw’! I’m so excited to make this recipe this month!

  3. I love this recipe so much, i’ve made it 3 times in the last week. And my wife and two kids (6 and 8) also love it–it’s hard to make something Indian that all 4 of us like equally for some reason–too spicy, too gingery, whatever…i go with the boiled tofu option, and i don’t use any oil–doesn’t need it. Really looking forward to cooking more of your recipes.

  4. Looks so yummy & healthy Nisha. Loved this video, informative AND .. U dancing girl! 🤣🙈🤣 Thank you!

  5. We are vegan some tighter seeing people stealing baby cow’s milk for their cheese yoghurt and other dairy products and glad you posted this go vegan

  6. Wow, I tried this yesterday and it is crazy delicious!! And so easy too 🙂
    Thanks for your wonderful work! You make everydaycooking so mich easier 😀

  7. hmm ,,, if you choose to not place the greens in cold water and instead blacnh for one minute and let it cool in air ,, that will also dry it !

  8. Thanks Rainbow Plant life. Healthy, nutritious food, good tips, information and Vegan eye candy as well.

  9. 😂 Any Indian recipe – “For the flavor, we will use onions, garlic, ginger and a bit of cumin, garam masala, turmeric and chili powder!”
    BTW, the dish tastes better if the palak is not blended to a paste but has some grit and texture.

  10. I tried this tonight and it was amazing. I’m going to try with vegan paneer and see the difference. By chance I found it at a local store which is crazy because South Africa is not the most vegan friendly ; you usually need to order online

  11. I made it tonight. It tastes amazing ! You have a great taste—Thank you for sharing it with us🙏❤️

  12. As a vegan from India I make this once a week. I however blind the onion, garlic and spices with the spinach as I like my saude to be smooth.

  13. The dancing is a great addition to the cooking and blending. You are a cutie pie and such fun.

  14. Ok, you cooking genius! Officially enroll me in RainbowPlantLiveUniversity! I’ve made this 3 times in the last month, with boiled tofu once and the baked seasoned tofu twice. It’s amazing! Anyway, I agree with someone below that I’d blend my onions(sautéed) with the spinach mix too. I found I didn’t like the texture otherwise.

  15. Just recently found you! Love your videos! Made this for dinner tonight! Delicious!!!! Thanks so much for your amazing recipes!

  16. Thank you! Palak paneer is one of my favorite Indian dishes. I actually like the vegan version better! So thanks again for this recipe!

  17. I usually order the vegetarian dish of this but I’ll have to try the vegan alternative thank you for sharing ❤️

  18. In the process of trying more of your recipes. I don’t know if anyone else sent you this but rinsing spinach is easier this way: fill a large bowl or your sink with cold water. Drop the spinach in. swirl. Let sit in the water and swirl a few times more. the leaves will float. The sand & dirt will sink, Remove clean leaves. Thanks for your channel. I’m lovin’ in!

  19. Try someday aalo gobhi matar ki sabji indian homemade way.
    Aaloo is potato.
    Gobhi is Cauliflower.
    Matar is fresh green peas.🌼

  20. If you want protein in your vegan diet then make daal tadka or daal paalak.
    Daal is lentils.
    Palak is spinach.

  21. I’m new to your channel, so I don’t know, if you’ve already tried this: you can make vegan paneer:
    Heat 1 L of cheap soy milk to a boil (cheap = the one that builds sediment on the floor of the container), then add a tsp of salt and curdle it with the juice of one lemon. Turn off the heat. Let curdle until the water has room temperature. Then filter the curd with a cheese cloth or kitchen towel. Shape/press it into paneer, and fold in spices+herbs or dried fruit+nuts as you see fit. Leave the paneer in the fridge for at least one night to solidify the shape/texture.
    With this, you’re basically making a tofu, which due to the salt and the excess of lemon acid gets a very paneer-like taste and texture.

    The curd also makes a great base for cream cheeses of all sorts, if you blend it with a nut butter or some oil to get a creamy texture. Then you can add garlic, herbs (dill, chives, parsley) to your heart’s content – it’s delicious on bagels with hearty add-ons. The curd with only nut-butter (and no spices) makes a great cream cheese for cheese cakes.

  22. Hey Nish. Awesome veganization 😄 Idea marinate the tofu in some garlic paste and garam masala a couple of hours before.

  23. You could put the spinach in a colander and immerse in the same pot as your tofu to save time and another pot.

  24. I tried making this recipe at home and my family was surprised how the tofu mimicked the taste and consistency of cheese. It’s a very healthy alternative for actual palak paneer. The only thing I would alter is add less garlic and more chillies next time. It was too garlicky for my tastebuds lol 😊

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