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  1. EVERYONE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS LADY!! This is the BEST “transition” video I’ve ever watched. I stumbled into this WFPB lifestyle because I just felt SICK ALL THE TIME — and that’s the BAD “sick”. I’m single, “old”, live alone (with my dog), and work from home. Making the change wasn’t too hard, but I love your point about “DO YOU”. I’m doing this for ME, and I’m loving learning how to make things that are plant-based. (Pssst… I made my FIRST batch of ALMOND MILK last night!! I’m soooo excited!!) So THIS video is def in my FAVORITES WHPB YouTube folder. Thanks, Melissa! You’re fantastic!

    1. Aw this is such a kind note! And I’m so excited for your transition! You’ve got this! Do you and THRIVE!!! 💛🙏🏽

  2. I didn’t want to try plant based because I thought it’d be tasteless.
    Nooo it was all fresh yet filling! I didn’t have to feel guilty for wanting seconds if I wanted. I saw results instantly.
    My energy level was crazy. My skin cleared up. My tummy deflated.
    I was one them food addicts overweight. The plant based diet has me eating and feeling good about myself. 🤗

  3. Great video! My parents and wife were all horrified when I told them I am going plant based. Since then my wife is 70% plant based, my diabetic mother also eliminated huge portions of red meat and her glucose levels are better than ever 🙂
    But people with 30 kg extra calling me extrimist for not eating meat was my favourite part of the process.
    I reversed my NAFLD so drastically my hepatologist asked me to repeat Fibroscan because he could not believe it. Also, my running scores improved so much.

  4. Ive given up all dairy but Omg cheese is so hard! I eat it less but soon I know I will cut it completely out

  5. I’ve always been a mostly vegetarian and always got the question, “But how do you get enough protein!?” And I always wanted to respond to them, “But how do you get enough vegetables?” knowing full well they probably weren’t getting enough fiber and other nutrients in their meat-centric diet.

  6. So I’m almost 60, been eating like s*#^ my entire life. I am always tired, fatigued and foggy. I know it has a LOT to do with my diet. I’m hopelessly addicted to sugar (ice cream especially) and highly processed foods. Healthy foods range from tasting incredibly bland to downright horrible. The only thing that would convince me to change is if I got a taste (no pun intended) of how I’d feel if I changed. So my question is, how long would I have to “suffer” eating like this before I’d start to notice a difference? is there anyone here who USED TO feel terrible all the time, but feel great now based on changing to a whole plant diet? By the way, I just found your channel. You have the right personality for this! Very positive and motivating.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! The time varies for everyone- you’d have to take the plunge and try, knowing that tastebuds eventually change overtime (that encouraged me on my journey).

  7. Thank you for talking candidly about your experience! I feel like not enough people talk about going plant-based in this way. I’m also dealing with people commenting on my diet. No one cared when I was downing a 12pk of soda in two days, but all of a sudden now they’re worried that I’m not getting enough nutrients 🙄 I’ve started to wonder if it’s because me trying to eat healthier makes them uncomfortable with how they’re eating, so they shame me. I’m trying not to be the stereotypical vegan by announcing it to everyone or telling them how they should change what they eat, but I was wondering if you have any advice. I feel like this behaviour pushes people away from plant-based eating.

    1. Keep thriving! Regardless of the opinions- you’re choosing YOU. That’s what matters most 💛

  8. Anyone get any improvements from mental health while transitioning to a plant based diet? Like per say a bad diet to a good plant based diet or vegan diet that decreased or removed anxiety & depression ? As well as improvements from removing stress?

    1. Hi Jose! Check this article out:

      Wishing you the absolute best for total wellness on your journey. Cheering you on! 😊

  9. Just got diagnosed with Diverticulosis and and pretty bad kidney stones. I was big into veganism a few years ago and a bad relationship made me stray away out of control and concern for my “health”. Needless to say I’m ready to be ME again and I’m glad you have this channel to guide people like me.

    1. There are subs on the market that can help you transition! Just check the back of the package and stick to things that have as many natural ingredients as possible. We love this cheese recipe in our home: (nutritional yeast gives it a super cheesy flavor, but feel free to omit if you desire).

  10. I just started yesterday, it took 2 years to get to this point. I had a veggie delight sub at subway, and at Sheetz. And both were amazing! I figure on Saturdays though I can have meat or cheese. Even if someone told me I’m not a vegan then, 6 days of every week I will be. I’ll work on the bread too.

  11. For me the most difficult thing to give up was eggs but not because I was eating eggs all the time, it’s because I didn’t realize that eggs are in almost all pastries and deserts.

    I’m on my third year of being vegan and I am practically a plant based vegan but sweets and deserts are still the hardest. Praise the earth for dates.

  12. Great video. I went plant based at first, but I transitioned to vegan after a little over a year. The difference is only in how you view it, but in the end doesn’t matter, the results for yourself, the animals, and the world are the same.

  13. How are you going to be mad something is vegan??? You gunna tell me you don’t eat veggies or anything at all 😂😂😂

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I could cry, hearing that the struggles become easier, and that not everyone is perfect at being plant based.

  15. I mad at you because I stopped up the toilet. My sister got mad at me because she doesn’t understand. Also I well have to get rid of the cheese. I have already dropped soda, chips and other goodies. I was just kidding, I love you, please keep up the good work,.God bless you. I have two forms of Cancer between the God’,s love and my diet changes, almost 2 years later I am still here. All I can is thank you Father, his son, Jesus, and the plant based diet. Starting next is to add the vegan part. For drop the chicken, turkey, and fish. Pray for me, thanks.
    A little old lady.
    As tell people it not just for the young but living healthy.

    1. 🤗 May God bless your journey Deborah! And thank you for your kind words! I believe you CAN do this! The best is yet to come 💜

  16. Since being a vegan for 1 month, I got my blood pressure very low. Is that normal thing? Or is it my body still adaptation

    1. Hi Agnesia! Yes! It can be normal. People who follow a plant based diet typically have a lower blood pressure than those who consume animal products. At any rate, blood pressures vary. Make sure you are eating enough to sustain your daily energy needs, and if you are concerned, please consult your physician.

    2. @Choosing My Health thank you for responding me 😊 it was helpful. At the first time I was so scared. I thought it was just me.

  17. Started vegan August 8th. It has really been a challenge and experiencing lots of criticism. Some expect my vegan diet to be a fad but I’m doing this for me and no one else. I feel much better. Need help with planning more nutritious meals.

  18. I did a little food shopping couple months ago and this one lady asked if I was vegetarian; I eat majority plant based (70-80%). I began this transition earlier this year and I noticed people have caught on to my healthier habits. I removed red meat out of my diet, but I still eat white meat & sea food from time to time.

  19. Good Morning, and thank you so much for your tips and inspiration. My wife and I have decided to go vegan. This is our first week. I feel slumpy with not much energy and headaches. I know this will eventually go away. We we’re told by a vegan church friend to make sure that we get enough protein. What do you eat for protein? God Bless You

    1. Congrats on your new journey Francis! Yes- the slump is normal but it does it get better! Make sure you’re eating enough calories (and variety of foods) to sustain your energy needs. For protein, there’s a lot! I like all types of plant-based protein: legumes (beans & lentils), tofu, quinoa, nuts & seeds, tempeh…I also like adding pure hemp powder to my morning smoothies which is high in protein. Check this vid out for food variety ideas to start you on your journey:

      Wishing you the absolute best 🙏🏽😊

  20. I needed this video I’ve been plant based now for a year and I’ve lost 30 lbs so far..it’s difficult because I’m the only person in my family that’s plant based so it’s always awkward for me at family gatherings, sometimes I just don’t go just to avoid all of that.

    1. Well you’ve definitely been crushin’ it! So proud of what you’ve accomplished in a year. Keep going- and don’t let the naysayers pull you down. Thrive!

  21. Wow! I do have to admit I was sceptical before to watch this video but I something inside pish me yo give a try and listen to the end. What a great decision… Not only received some great advices (I just learned I don’t have to feel guilty if one day I ate a piece of cheese because I am far away from was I was doing to my body before) about the transition to a plant-based diet (at the moment I am transitioning along with my fiancé) but meaningful lesson of life to encourage yourself as a beautiful and unique human being to stick with your convictions and do it FOR YOU!. I am thrilled my children listen to you . Thanks Melissa for sharing your wisdom and knowledge… God bless you all

    1. Carlos! Thank you for your kind words! So excited you’re on this journey! I wish your family the absolute best- and thanks again for watching. Thrilled it encouraged you 😊

  22. I love the distinction of “I can’t eat that” vs “I won’t eat that.”

    Thanks for offering representation and access for more people of color to see this movement that is all too often white washed in the wellness industry

  23. I don’t understand how you people didn’t grow up with plant base in your diet. Isn’t a certain amount of food on your plate growing up supposed to be plant????. You people are Hilarious!!!!

  24. Watching documentaries such as:
    What the Health
    Plant Pure Nation
    Game Changers
    Then of course, if you are strong enough to handle it, there are tons of documentaries about the cruelty of meat, eggs, dairy farms. This last category made me go vegan overnight without ever again wanting to put animal products in my mouth.
    Anyway, your life, your choice: choose according to your heart!

    1. Game changers really inspired to me look into plant based diet. I still eat meat but my frequency has reduced a lot. My plant based diet to meat diet in about 80:20 ratio. It was the opposite before.

  25. I don’t believe a vegan diet is better for you than a vegetarian diet, but I wanted to complement you on your hair. It’s beautiful.

  26. OMG the lab coat and spirulina bit got me right away! There’s no shortage of vegan food channels but vegan food channels with that kinda humor are a proper treasure! Love from the UK!

  27. So how do you transition because my check engine light is on for my body? I have to force myself to eat meat and it makes me sick to my stomach let alone smelling it. I just can’t anymore. I know the difference between my body feeling good and bad and I’m not liking the way it’s feeling now. I want to transition my son too because he doesn’t eat much meat anyway. I need help please💙

  28. Plant based does not mean you have to eat only plants. You can make so many things with beans, grains (like brown rice), varieties of vegetables and fruits. And now there are so many more “mimic” plant-based foods available in you have cravings for things like meat or cheese. She’s right you can train your taste buds to get used to your new foods.

  29. One thing i wish i had known is that there is a difference between “going vegan” eating a plant based diet.

  30. Im plant based and
    I only have one bowel movement once a day but I also do intermittent fasting which I only eat once a day for an hour, but when I do have a bowel movement it’s a full one. Lol

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