1. @World Wide Will I would mix in some sourkraut to give it a more sourceam like flavor. You can also try experimenting with silken tofu (the softest tofu you can find in Asia markets) and sourkraut and some herbs. Just blend them together smoothly.

    2. I use to prep this type of vegan Mayo before for restaurant but we never boiled the Aquafaba liquid. I’m curious for the reasoning behind hearing it up then cooling it down

    3. @M N
      I have the same question, because there must be unwanted ingredients making the food survive in a shelved can.

      So I’d like to add to this question:

      What should be the proportion of water in which to cook the chickpeas, so as to replace the canned chickpeas and water in this recipe?

  1. Lay Ho Ma! Since this Chickpea Mayo has no eggs, would it then be safe to use in a Macaroni or Potato Salad without the worry of the being outside like at a BBQ? Will it separate after being in refrigerator? Gonna try this and that burger today!! Love the way you cook!! TY!

  2. Hey There. So I tried the Mayo and followed instructions……..it tasted awesome, but was not thick and lovely like yours. I used a Vita Mix. Any advice?

  3. Should the chick peas be boiled 1st or just soaked in water n then prepare this amazing mayo recipe..

    1. You could do either method – I’ve tried both and do end up with the same results 🙌🏻

  4. I love to have lunch watching your videos. They are amazing and I learn something new every time. Thank you for being amazing.

  5. Do u have other recipe with fresh chickpeas? Or others mayo vegan with others ingredients? Thank u 🙏

  6. Refrigerator stability please, It will take some time for the two of us to get through this quantity of Vegan Mayo and knowing how long it will keep is key. Thanks, Wil excited to try this seemingly great recipe. Regards.

    1. 👀 Wil I see you’ve already answered this question for someone else.
      “Yeung Man Cooking – 7 months ago – Few weeks ☺️”

  7. Aww my mayonnaise worked out perfectly but in the end i added too much oil so it all turned into a soupy consistency 😵🥴 Welp!

  8. Just what the doctor ordered… literally. She told me to plunge into a plant based diet, and here we are.

  9. If it’s vegan , it’s not mayonnaise.
    It might be a lovely condiment but please do not bastardise traditional recipes .

  10. hello~~ Could you please use chickpeas cooked water(aquafaba) to make vegan whipped cream? Only 2 ingredients: aquafaba & sugar (without adding cream of tartar). I wanna make the whipped cream from aquafaba but I haven’t succeeded yet. Maybe you can try it and share some tips if it works out. 🙂

  11. I’m about to veganize some Japanese garlic butter fried rice using this 😋 thank you for another amazing recipe!

  12. Hey Wil, I made the mayonnaise but it didn’t turn out as thick as expected, do you know why it could have happened? Also, do you know how to fix it? The flavour is still good it is just too runny. I do appreciate any help. Thanks!

    1. Same thing happened to me! I added 2 boiled/microwaved potatoes, and threw it all in my food processor, it turned out super creamy and soooo good!

  13. If this didn’t work out for you like myself, it was too runny. I added 2 peeled and microwaved potatoes and put it all together in my food processor. This is a variation of a trick I found on here from YouTube channel Versatile Vicky!
    It worked wonderfully!! Hope it helps!

  14. I don’t know what I did wrong but mine came out like a thick dressing and nothing as gelatinous as yours. I’ve added more chick peas more oil to no avail. Tastes delicious so I will use it up as salad dressing but what did I do wrong?

  15. that looks good! Unfortunately, I don’t eat food with oil in it. If I did I would use ur recipe.
    Have u considered posting a couple of recipes with no oil. I know I would appreciate it. Thank u!

  16. Lay Ho Ma! One quick question. I love your mayo but I don’t heat the aquafaba and then cool it. It comes out thick and creamy. Why do you do that step?

  17. This recipe works like a champ. Once you boil the aquafaba, it comes together as fast as conventional mayo. My one small tweak is to add a clove of garlic, minced or grated, which I always add to my conventional mayo.

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