55 thoughts on “Being Vegan Destroyed My Body (Why I Quit After 8 Months)

  1. I’m a little nervous to share this, but I have to stay true to myself. Have you tried a plant-based diet? What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    1. @Viola Karl Totally agree!!! There isn’t a one size fits all. I had the same things happen to my body. Unfortunately it seems we get shut down so quickly from this community who does act very cult like.

    2. You are selfish if you quit a vegan diet because it “dEsTrOyEd YoUr BoDy”, humans are naturally herbivores

    3. I’m on a vegetarian diet and it’s wonderful, not just for the livestock betrayed by their best friends but also for my health. Eating meat almost gave me cancer

    4. Overeating plant based foods and munching all day long just because you couldn’t feel satisfied until you consume a meat product definitely harms your body and welcomes whole lot of diseases .
      Plus you just can’t immediately shift over to a vegan diet, process needs to be slow so your body could adapt the change .
      Unfortunately , you spoiled your body and thinking yourself , can’t blame the food , if you are not capable of a change of any kind.

  2. 4:52 you avoid plant oils cuz they’re carcinogenic so you eat meat and cooking oil instead which health researchers say is much more carcinogenic for many reasons and has the oil that you wanted to avoid in the first place… my brain hurts from your hypocrisy

    Just admit you love eating meat. I admit as a vegan I miss the true umami of cooked meat but the benefits of health outweighs this by far

  3. A vegan diet is healthier and better for you … IF DONE CORRECTLY
    And that is with planning it, in the beginning of going vegan, you have to start slowly. Try replacing fruit and vegetables with your everyday snacks SLOWLY, SOAK THE LEGUMES and use them instead of animals, and it’s okay to eat cooked meals OBVIOUSLY 🙄 your body should be able to get to know fiber and the change that is happening..
    And for supplements? If you have a balanced diet, Just a B12, maybe vitamin D if you’re home often, and if you don’t like chia/flax seeds omega 3 and that’s it!!!!
    I am pretty sure you couldn’t work it out because of not having enough information🙄😐😐

  4. We need to eat them both, in my opinion. We are not herbivores, and we are not carnivorous. Humans are actually omnivorous keep that in mind. And please don’t convince anyone to be a vegan or a non-vegetarian. Let them eat what they like to eat.

  5. Hey! I am 8 mos in as well, and as a certified holistic health coach, I am aware that there is NOT OS nutrtion for everyone. I am enjoying eating this way but I am as well experiencing a list of reasons as to why this WOE is not working for me and my body. I’m bummed but I need to listen to what my body is telling me, and continue to find a balance for my body and life. Thank you so much for posting this!

  6. being vegan i made alot of foods from scratch and it made me weak, i lost alot of weight and drank apple cider vinegar, etc. i guess veganism affects everyone differently. at times though, i didnt eat anything because i got tired of eating the same things & i never ate the prepackaged dairy free, meat free foods.


    YOUR WRONG Veggies, Raw Veggies, beans are not dangerous for you. I am eating them now for over ten years and I have no problem at all. I eat now raw vegan for about three years now. I have no problems at all. Seems you´re doing something completely wrong.

    you´re not in any different to any other human. We all have the same genes. Because we are one human family worldwide. Our genes differ minimal. that´s why you have blond hair and your next door neighbour might have red hair and is taller than you are. thats all but our organs are all working the same, if they are sane. But our body is definitly not “programmed” to eat dead bodies and foreign species secretions.
    And the Oxford University show´s that our body and whole organism is just in a plant based lifestyle sane. With no other!!
    I´d like to mention, that the Oxford University is one of the three best University´s in the world. I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR LAYWOMAN KNOWLEDGE WHICH IS CONCERNED TO EAT DEAD BODIES!!
    Strange that this does not even ooze a little bit into your mind, that it can´t be good to put death into a living being.
    All ya need to do is to live mindfully, regionally, seasonally and pollutant-free, as well as with short transport routes and to live varied, balanced and nutrient-rich. That’s all ya need to do.
    I don´t see the point why you can´t get that in your mind?

    Do your own garden, like half of people in Austria do and grow your own biologically, plastic-free and transported and pesticides free food.
    Everyone can do it, it´s not that hard as it sounds like!

    Two minutes gone, and I am so tired of listining to your voice which is talking so much wrong things. This is so boring watching you how you desperately search for excuses. Tiring!!

    (8) Answering reason number two: WELL YOU INSANE YOUNG WOMAN – You destroyed your body with flesh and you thought your body is a graveyard for chopped up bodies. SO WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECTED COME OUT OF YOUR ANUS – FLOWERING MEADOW SPRING ROOM SPRAY FRAGRANCE???
    You do not understand your body at all. You don´t know what is going on and you also don´t know why. This is so embarrassing, that humans like you, who have no connection at all to your body, we have to live life with them together on earth.
    Yes of course your fart´s must be horrific, if you use body gesture in that a wrong behavior, karma must have shown you what it means to use gestures the wrong way.
    Did you ever listen to your teacher in biology?

    Veganism is not a trend with good looking food on your pic´s – it´s a life style and it´s out there for more than 2000 years. So people lived their life´s thousands of years in a plant based style. And you just say after not even a year that you can´t take it anymore.
    Well I am vegan now for over a decade, I informed myself in the first three years not once. And I had such a good connection to my body what it really needs to thrive I kew instantly with my female intuition and at the docotors I had the best health examination values in my whole life.
    So you failed on the whole line. And you are showing us all in just two and a half minutes how few confidence you have in your own decisions, how few togetherness-work there si in body-mind-soul connection, as well at least none perseverance and willingness to change in your heart and mind and soul.

    Minute 2:30. I stop here because I can not take it anymore listening to your sillyness and to your arguments bursting like soap bubbles in the wind.

    You just wanted to do something because, everybody does it and it´s cool and its hip and you saw just the nice pic´s of everybody else on insta or facebook and you just wanted to point out yourself as wel as trendy as the others are. So you are a follower (german: Mitläufer) of what other people do. And you did not even find out about their moral concepts why they do so. so – and so you wanted also to do it to be part of that hype. That was your intention – and you realized that you didn´t expected that it is the truth, that you need to work hard, if you do something out of the wrong reasons. So in those 8 months you just realized your following project to be cool went just wrong. Because just following a group without making yourself informed what it is all about. surely wrong ethical changing is hard.
    But what you did expect, that this is about any hype or trend. You thought it would be easy to turn vegan.
    No it´s a lot of mindful work and it´s also a learn process for you body and organs. So this you didn´t want to have, you just wanted fun, easy going life and do not any hard changing work.
    You wanted to change for your own advantages, which karma did not allowed, because it has her/his reasons which you should be responsible for what you have done gruesomely in your past life. But you did not listen to your body, mind and soul. you did not even try to understand what is going on and what this change does mean and is trying to say to you.
    You thought this is an easy trendy gadget to get, hah?.
    But with this attitude to life, you will fail at all challenges.

    Go home on your canapé, turn off that media channel called youtube which you use for promoting yourself, which just hurts to watch and hear, learn how to open a vegan cookbook and a vegan medicine book and start to educate yourself properly!
    Get the literature about “China Study”, “Food Revolution”, and “How not to die” – – – > and study study study!!
    Get some documentary dvd´s to really understand the purpose of Veganism!!
    Of course an absolutely dislike for this one!!
    (08.09.2021 03:08 o´clock. likes: 4404, dislikes: 5554!!! – This is saying very clear that you failed on whole line! 55,7630 percent of all your viewers are absolutely not on your side. This has to say something to you, hopefully you are capable of criticism and try to understand why this is so and start to re-think all your reasons for getting vegan. And hopefully you choose the second start for the right reasons of changing your life to a plant based one!!)

    Over and out of this senseless monologue of yours!


    Good evening.

    Well you´r a young lady Jacquelyn and you turned vegan for the complete wrong reasons.

    First fail you said in the very first 10 seconds.
    Veganism ist NOT A DIET.

    It´s not about just inserting plant based food into your body. Failure number ONE!
    18. seconds: (2) Well yes, I also would be embarassingly nervous to could not even hold on to a thing at least one year.

    (3) You can not find any clarity, when you define plant based living as a diet. This is a complete contradiction in itself.

    (4) If you just get vegan, for you own health, failure is provoked very soon.
    You´re showing in the very first 30 seconds that you have understood nothing what veganism is all about.

    Obviously, i actually could stop here, because there are so many documents out there why you should turn vegan at the spot where you readers are right now.
    But as I learned in the first 30 sec. you apparently got screwed up by her, and do it as wrong as she did, which I would not like from you in the audience.

    (5) It´s not just for your own social media postings to be vegan. Taking pictures of everything and everywhere. Find out what is the difference between a vegan lifestyle and the life of an omnivore.
    Just google the definition of it, of the word “veganism” and understand what it´s all about. It´s not just about watching the colourful food you´re eating and getting likes you post on you social media account. could you please be more empathic? this would be nice.


    (7) Answering reason number one: HONESTLY – you stopped being vegan because of bloating??? Well may I laugh out LOUD!!
    Agave, I had one year of bloating during veganism. and that is even longer than you have lived life this way. So the only thing i can do is laughing, because you are to stupid to understand what is going on in your body. Your organism is tryin` so very hard to push out all plaques and all contanmination and impurities. your colon is doing hard work. and well there might come out bloating. that just normal reasons your body does when you´re detoxifyin your body.
    There is no connection of you with your own organism and its organs. You can´t understand what they are telling you. Very sad that you are so bad in understanding your own body. And there must be no connection at all with your soul; maybe never has been and never will.
    I detoxifyied for over three oder four years, I remember. Several things occured and I immediately understood what my body was telling me. Bloating was all over that period a well known de-contamination process. But it was just one of occuring uncomfortable side effects.
    Have you never heard about “warmies”-the stuffed pets you can warm up for calming down your body??? Older women would give you a hot rubber waterbottle and some camomille mixed up with hope cones tea and a nice sleep in bed.
    What does your mother ever teached you as a kid?
    Not much, this showed behavior is assuming!
    Well then you had a hard de-contamination work to do. We all had hard time in our beginnings, because our body was not used to eat plant base. He did not know what to do with all this nutritious food he got. So this was causing unconfortable situations, because you were so contaminated with antibiotics, puss, cancerigenous flesh, inflammation due to flesh and the very toxic animal protein you inserted into your body your whole life.
    The body didn´t know what to do with all that fresh fruit. So well he had to work with it and do a hard time to digest it. VERY NORMAL AND TOTALLY PREDICTABLE REACTION OF YOU OWN BODY – Do you know how to open up a book? Well it´s all listed there. Just get informed!
    I turned vegan 10 years ago, where there wasn´t any hype at all in Europe and in Austria.
    So I did make it, compeltely alone and without any help of others and I listened to my body what it was telling and I listened and understood what´s going on right away.
    So well, it affected your life, because you were eating so unhealthy, that your body responded with rejection of the nutritious food, because he was used to, that you use your body as a graveyard.
    It´s totally predictable, that there will be a hard lifechanging time, if you change. Yes sure it´s painful little girlie Jacqueline, what did you expect?
    That I would get easy to make a lifechanging experience with a contaminated organism which is full of contanminats over decades??? – Thought it would be just a party of a week?
    It´s hard to listen to you, because you haven´t informed you at all and you just whine around like a litte primary school kid. It´s nervy what you complain about, because if you have a brain you could be so smart and assume all that.
    Well in one minute and 15 sec. I said more health concerned things than you did.
    I think I can´t follow you through 10 points of whining like a little kindergarden kid. I even don´t know if I can make it until I reach my own point of counting in brackets number (10) –

    Well I also had problems with my digestion, I just did what I felt what I want to do in that situtation. Once i was lying naked on the cold bathroom floor for an hour. An other time I was walking barefoot in snow and, I also hat baths with bicarbonate of soda for helping me to detoxify. I got shocked, because first time I did, the water in bathtub turned swamp green-brownish. The next day at univeristy studying geology, so nothing to do with nutrition, I told my friend what it was all about, That I am detoxing really hard. And she said, well agave you are full of contaminants. And that was also the reason why I had digesting problems over a year. which turned to be better and better every month i felt better. And honestly NO – YOU DID NOT DO EVERYTHING WHAT WE CAN DO TO SUPPORT OUR BODY WHEN ITS HEALING. – NONE OF THE MENTIONEND THINGS ARE GOOD. THE GOOD ONES YOU SPEARED OUT. WHY?
    Is that on purpose? So ridiculous!
    Well you can say you did everything and I tell you, you didn´t. Because I know you did not. If you would have done “everything”, as you pronounce it this absurd way, you would be completely vegan today.
    Could you please stop to use the Namasté sign to underpin your complete false instructions. This is just affronting the whole lifestyle of what “Namasté” is meant to share in it´s meaing.
    You want to appear for the audience as a female guru or somewhat with this gesture. Do you have any friends? Or why are you doing this?
    But you´re making a complete fool of yourself. And you do not even notice it. Isn´t it clumsy for you to show up like this in the world wide web?
    I would be totally embarrassed about behavior like that. Disrespectful!!

  9. Be vegan it’s not about yourself, it’s about the rest of the world! 🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏻 Seriously!! 🌱🐷🐮🌳

  10. When you start with a mindset wanting to end the diet when you cannot, it’s bad. Also, I’ve been vegetarian for my entire life. Never had a problem. I know that there is a difference between being vegetarian and vegan but honestly I’m not a big fan of milk or milk based products as such., but still haven’t had a lot of problems. Not judging., just saying.. so you can make sure to start any diet completely informed and prepared for it rather than eating literally everything wrong.

    Also, it’s okay if it didn’t workout for you. Everyone’s body is different. I don’t think you should generalise your experience to others. Anyways, hope you’re happy with your diet now

  11. This is what happens when people have absolutely no idea of nutrition. Junk food and substituting foods is not a whole food plant based diet. Read a book, not someone else’s opinion on the matter.

  12. Everyone is different, but all the things you attributed to plant based foods, ie heartburn, bloating, smelly gas, etc, I got from eating animal products – especially dairy! There is excessive sulfur in meat & that is usually what gives flatulence it’s nasty egg-like smell. Not saying that this couldn’t be true for you, just that it certainly wouldn’t be true for most. I also lost weight, my blood pressure & cholesterol levels all went back to normal (actually, below normal) after going plant-based. Of course, I make my own cashew milk & only occasionally partake in processed foods. I also eat tempeh, seaweed & other foods rich in Omegas & B vitamins. Not all plant based foods are high in sugar or carbs, btw. You should eschew processed foods, make your own oat or cashew milk, etc.

  13. You are full of crap …..you just didn’t eat the right vegan food …..being vegan is not just about you, but about the 2 billions sentient animals that get enslaved, tortured and murdered every single week (if you can get your head around that number) so that humans can consume the disgusting and cruel animal products. It is about ending the insane suffering that these animals go through at the hands of humans even if it is one person at a time.

  14. I knew you since my workouts with Alo Moves, and, well, it is strange but I never felt so close to you until now. First of all, because you have been honest and probably people aren’t used anymore to this, so they love you just when you are in line with their opinions. And that’s the reason why we are full of influencers who are just sellers and not theirselves. You have been yourself instead, and that’s so important, especially about health, it’s the very thing. Are you vegan and happy? That’s fine. Are you not? That’s ok too.

  15. So weird, when I went vegan my results were great in terms of my bowels; stools normalized, my flatulence literally smelled like nothing for the first time in my life. I had to stop after 4 months cause I was in grad school and it was getting harder to plan my meals, but I plan to start again now that I’m finished. Maybe it was the types of “vegan” foods you were eating? Someone can still be vegan and eat horribly

  16. Thanks for sharing. When it comes down to it everyones body and what it needs are different in many regards. It is your right to be healthy and happy without someone telling you otherwise. Cheers 🙂

  17. being healthy doesn’t equal being skinny/lean and vice versa.
    also, if you had put more effort in looking up vegan recipes, you’d know what delicious meals there are to eat on a day-to-day basis.

  18. Eating vegan frozen food will do that to you…. most vegans aren’t even really vegan . They are box vegans meaning they don’t touch nothing raw at all

  19. looks like trendy restaurant and fast food ^^
    cook yourself, then everything works. also sounds you did it wrong. I probably do it wrong also, but I feel awesome. maybe you high dosed b12??? it can have negative effects!

  20. Everything she is saying I am noticing the total different thing. I am more defined, No gas, no bloating, loosing weight, great skin. My face is getting more defined. I eat 2 meals raw a day and one cooked starchy food like potatoes, beans plus vegetables 🧐 strange

  21. Sadly you didn’t try everything. You ate a vegan junk food diet, you didn’t eat a whole food plant base diet.

  22. My heart filled with joy and appreciation to Dr Abumere on youtube for curing my HSV with his natural roots and herbs. Am now perfectly okay. God bless you for me. …

  23. Being vegan doesn’t mean to keep on eating junk food and over eating.
    The pictures she is referring to is a joke.. hire a good diet planner..
    She is taking complete non sence, gaining weight, acid, muscle definition, gave me a hedech!!!
    Eat less drink more water and control your acid.
    More capsules you take would creat more acid.
    Eat plant based food-eat less-avoid junk food-plenty of water-regular exercise that’s all.

  24. Sorry I don’t agree with you 🤔 if you eat correctly the healthy way plant based living is the best way the best body builders are vegan …. Consuming Processed foods on pant based diet or carnivore diet will give you the same results because your consuming unhealthy food it’s not rocket science people try a plant based diet and eat rubbish then blame the plant based diet when it’s Not the TRUTH !!

  25. A lot of concerns shown in this video could be avoid. Macro distribution is macro distribution, and has nothing to do with being plant based or not.

    Increased inflammation on a plant based diet… ummmmmmm. For sure you may have a unique response to all of these anti inflammatory foods but the best way to reduce inflammation is to go whole food plant based.

    Literally the only downside to plant based is B12 deficiency which is easily fixed with a supp. I’m fact, meat eaters would also be B12 deficient if supplements weren’t being added to animal feed.

  26. The carbs and sugars you mention in the video don’t make you fat.. they are in fact the entire source of our bodies energy system… they give us energy so we can move A LOT.

  27. Overeating plant based foods and munching all day long just because you couldn’t feel satisfied until you consume a meat product definitely harms your body and welcomes whole lot of diseases .
    Plus you just can’t immediately shift over to a vegan diet, process needs to be slow so your body could adapt the change .
    Unfortunately , you spoiled your body and thinking yourself . Can’t blame the food , if you are not capable of a change of any kind.

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