1. Thank you for the video – Happy to see filling vegan options. Here is another link to 30 filling vegan dishes from Indian subcontinent –
    With Vegan, healthy filling calories is difficult to find.

  2. Carnivores of the human race save the world! Eat only bi-pedal herbivores that will tell you they are herbivores within 30 seconds of ‘meating’ them. #youarewhatyoueat #onlycannibalsarehuman

  3. I’m a bad cook, so when I saw in the title that each of these recipes take 5 minutes, I added an additional hour. So that means it’s going to take me an hour and 5 minutes. 😋

  4. Love that video @cheaplazyvegan it would be great to see more! I didn’t see you cook the tofu. I don’t use it often but I always thought that it had to be cooked

  5. Fabulous. I’ve been vegetarian for around a year and a half and sometimes I don’t even eat except for soup. I live with carnivores 😁 and they eat all my healthy food. I’m a mom – empty nester with my husband. I think they all eat really bad food – although I still cook them meat (as long as I don’t have to physically touch it – tongs ok). But they love my vegan food.

  6. Thank you for these lovely easy to make recipes. I’ve just decided to go Vegan and have my breakfast sorted but was after some quick recipes for lunch and the ones you have shown look great.

  7. If you have 3 extra minutes that couscous bowl would taste alot better if it hit a frying pan briefly.

  8. Hi thinking of making the Chickpea and Mushroom Taco tonight for dinner. I’m excited & can’t wait!!!

  9. The best selected vegans recipes, varied and the use of the maximum number of products. In this book you will find starters, main dishes and desserts with the process explained step by step, photography and list of ingredients. We also added some of the most commonly used units of measure in the kitchen, such as how many grams or how many ounces is a spoonful of water. For your convenience, each recipe contains the weight of the products in both ounces and grams, the same goes for the temperature – Fahrenheit and Celsius. Discover a new world of recipes for your kitchen.

  10. Hi I’m trying the new Vegan 2.0 diet and looking for some recipes but it’s really hard to find as it’s new. We wondering if you could do some beef recipes for it please. 😊

  11. Anyone wanna learn some Spanish? (Thanks for letting me share this) Great recipes, like always!

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