49 thoughts on “MEAT LOVER goes VEGAN for a WEEK *LIFE CHANGING* | A Week Of REALISTIC (& healthy-ish) Vegan Meals

  1. How do you get you’re whole family to work out with you? Lmao I’m gonna force my whole family to work out together on my bday in two days any recommendations? My sisters weak my dad works out and my mom is in the middle and well let’s just say I do gymnastics.

  2. Did anyone realize how she rlly photoshopped her pic for this video? Her arms are rlly skinny and her torso is way too slim. I don’t appreciate how you speak about loving yourself when you adjust ur body to what you want us to see. No offensive but u have thick arms and waist like most of us. Plz just don’t photoshop again if you’re gonna advocate body positivity. It’s just complete hypocrisy

  3. this video literally upped my mood it made me feel happy and made me feel happy to fuel my body

  4. I wish I could convince my family to do this, but my parents would wonder why we should put in this extra effort into it and spend money on the ingredients, the change would stress my mom out, my sister would judge me and think I’m being annoying, and my little brother would waste more food than usual. 💀💀💀

  5. I have seen about 20 of Lindas videos in the last week and I conclude that her parents are my favorite people in this world

  6. I love you so so much! I literally watch your videos on replay and I never get tired of them!

  7. I’ve been vegan for a couple weeks now and it has been so much fun 😭 living off frozen mixed veggies, oatmeal, beans, chickpeas, tofu and vegan protein powder lol

  8. I wish I could workout with my entire family. Unless someone wants to lend me their time machine so I could go back to the days that my parents weren’t divorced and my brother wasn’t addicted to pizza and fortnight, then I’ll just have to do shit by myself

  9. omg the title is so cute hahahaha im meat lover too but i also wanna be a vegan cause i love animal so much and i promise with the earth that i will become vegan one day <333

  10. Thank u so much for the effort the you are putting on these videos, u really make me feel better about my body and about my relationship with food

  11. I love how a chopstick is such a versatile utensil lol Also efficient for mixing natural peanut butter

  12. The problem with salad is it needs more stuff lol Roasted sweet potato or crispy spicy chickpeas instead of croutons, add sliced avocado or crumbled salty feta, try fresh or dried fruit on top, nuts and seeds for texture … So many veggies! Peppery arugula, bell peppers of all colours, crunchy carrots, daikon, escarole, French beans … !

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