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  1. It’s not difficult to get calories. It’s not difficult to get protein. And vegan protein sources are, yes, just as complete in terms of amino acids. For example, eat 5 packs of tofu, plus some rice, and then some beans, and you’ve already gotten more than enough protein for your meal. If you need more, just eat more rice and tofu and beans. Super cheap, especially if you buy in bulk. And if you want more calories, just eat a lot of noodles and potatoes. That being said, if you want to supplement with vegan protein powder, then that’s okay, too, but rest assured, it’s not necessary. Instead, focus on supplementing with vegan B12, vegan K2, and vegan D3.

  2. You should look into bean pasta, spiriting pasta, and lentils to increase ur protein intake from non supplemental foods

  3. I can say I’m biggest fan of yours from PAKISTAN but y can’t I downloaded ur video it’s says it’s not available to download in this country

  4. Just a tip PLEASE PLEASE rinse ur beans look into why for urself but for ur gut health in the long term especially if ur having more then a cup rinsing is CRUCIAL 🙏🏽

  5. There is far too many cons of a vegan diet for me to go Vegan, I’m surprised you’re sticking with it. The fact that Vegans have to supplement with so much shit is indicative of how poor of a diet it actually is. You shouldn’t have to supplement with anything to meet basic Nutrition requirements.

    1. It’s not very difficult
      I use 2 scoops of protein powder and it has vitamin b 12 as well
      Soy, lentils and rice, bread and peanut butter is great

  6. I used to watch your videos back in 2016/17 when I used to lift. I have been eating plant-based for about 9 months and I looked you up to get some gym motivation to get back at it after all these years. So stoked you are running on a vegan diet too. Keep it up! Try eatthismuch.com to track your calories on a vegan diet

  7. do not worry about amino acid “completeness”, as long as you’re eating a wide variety of Whole Foods, the essential amino acids will pool in your blood

  8. The elites want you full of estrogen to make you feminised and thus easier to control. Every billion dollar company is promoting it and yet very few people see it for what it is.

  9. seriously, try drinking a cup of beet juice 30-60minutes before the gym. You’ll get mad pump and about 20% more muscle endurance

  10. Brother, not sure if anyone has mentioned this to you. As a fellow vegan, I highly recommend purchasing a stronger blender than your current one.

    Life becomes much easier when blending THICCER portions such as the one you attempted in this video.

    Rock on man, you’re a huge inspiration! Much love! 🙂

  11. Damn I hated you till this video, vegan for life! Also still hate gym shark clothes! ✌️ stay up playa

  12. David is your brother considering following in your footsteps gym wise? surely dont let the genes go to waste

  13. David 5 years ago: «alright guys, i’m gonna eat this 5000+ calorie pasta bowl with sausages and a full jar of fatty alfredo sauce before the gym, so i can hit 600lbs on deadlifts»

    David now: «I don’t drink tap water or eat animal products because it’s unhealthy for the body»

  14. Some easy and cheap vegan protein meals for those who are interested:

    Cereal: Unsweetned puffed rice + 1 scoop protein powder + bunch of defrosted fruits – mix with plant milk

    Tofu scramble: Drain some tofu, then mash it between your hands to scramble it in the pan, throw in some spinach (you can use frozen) and some chopped mushroom. Sprinkle with some tumeric + salt n peppa.
    Make a dressing by mixing vegan yoghurt and Raita spice mix or other spice mixes you desire.
    Eat with some rice cakes 😗👌🏼

    A nameless dinner dish:
    In a pan, throw in some frozen veggies (I use a blend of carrots, celery++), chop up some vegan sausage, sprinkle with your choice of spices. Make some couscous (you can cook it in a cup with some warm water). Enjoy with the dressing from the tofu scrable recipe.

    Don’t over complicate the vegan diet and meals, it’ll just drain your energy, time amd your wallet.
    Remeber “K.I.S.S”: “Keep It Simple, Stupid” 😘 🤌🏼

    Panqueques 🥞:
    40g oats
    30g protein powder
    1/2 – 1 ripe banana
    10g starch (not necessary tho)
    Smash the banana with a fork and mix in the ingredients with some plant milk.

    Waffles 🧇:
    40g flour
    30g protein powder
    20g oats
    Mix with water or plant milk

    French toast:
    10g-20g corn starch
    Mix with some sugar (or “fake” sugar) and cinnamon, along with some plant milk.
    Gently dip your toast in the batter and throw it in the pan.
    Remember to still the pot between each toast, as the starch floats to the bottom.
    If you add some vegan whipped cream, fresh strawberries and/or blue berries and sprinkle some PB2 and some chocolate sauce, you’ll die from how good it is. Fr. 🤤

  15. Yall got to stop using plastic water bottles, theres a lot of microplastics in there and you dont want to know what they to your body

  16. Keep it up bro 😎. Doing plant based your way makes sense your process relates to your goals. Im 7 years in still feeling fit and healthy. At the moment I’m eating anything and everything. Mean bro.

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