49 thoughts on “VEGAN EGGPLANT PARM RECIPE, with my DAD!

  1. I wish I could be a vegan but I’m Just poor student live in Poland where vegan groceries are expensive. But I do ur recepies with diary products, ’cause I’m vegetarian, even my boyfriend nonvegetarian love it <3

  2. Thank you so much. I loved this dish. First time on your channel. I can never find the recipes when told to look down at the bottom which I have done. Where can I find it please? Btw Hello from Cape Town South Africa and thank you once again. You are both very entertaining. 😀👋

  3. Never prepared the eggplant like you did it’s beautiful indeed will definitely prepare like this next time. Thanks Gaz ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Omg these edits are amazing 😂
    Definitely going to try this recipe with my brother and all of his eggplants

  5. Eggplant parm is one of my favorite meals but I’ll definitely try and use your recipe going forward! I’m not vegan but I was vegetarian for a long time and I’d love to go back to that dietary lifestyle again. Love the content!

  6. Why do we always have to bend our English to Americans? If they are interested in our British chefs recipes they should learn the names of our ingredients like we learn the names of theirs! We should be proud of being British. Nothing wrong with the word aubergine! On a lighter note. I loved the recipe! Thanks Gaz. X

  7. Looks great!! If u ever want to make a recipe with a milder garlic flavor more so in a dish with raw or slightly cooked garlic, remove the germ. The little part in the middle where garlic greens sprout from.

  8. Hello from Texas, have been watching alot if ur videos, will keep watching. Glad u had the courage to make the videos.

  9. You have fans from all over the world Gaz. Eggplant/Aubergine, whatever. I love seeing the Welsh culture. Yourself and your family are so real;. that’s why we love you … and them ☺️

  10. Just made this recipe today, and let me tell you: YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT! 😋👏🏼🤩 It was perfect even for my meat loving dad 👌🏼😂

    P. S. Love both your dad and mom! ❤️

  11. Thank You for your inspiration. I am in the hospital trying to get basic vegan meals.

  12. Love this video and your Dad. You and your family have so inspired me.
    I was in the hospital for approx 6 weeks. Watching your videos and making the change to a vegan lifestyle helped me save my life. 😀
    I tried to encourage the hospitals to expand their vegan menu. Being in that situation, vegan meal time was my favorite part of the day. Anyway there is much more I could get into about this situation but just want to focus on the gratitude I have. Any new videos with your Dad? Well thank you for new inspiration!!

  13. It’s so funny to see how many different words can come up in the subtitles every time you say bechamel

  14. Call it whatever you want it looks amazing! Your Mum is gorgeous and your dad very handsome. You got your looks honest. Great looking family. I can wait to watch more of your videos! I’m learning a lot. Thank you!

  15. This is very much a next day recipe or at least let it cool. It stays very hot for a very long time, but is much better when it sets and cools. I modified my version a bit by browning onions before adding tomatoes and sauce and using bigger chunky tomatoes as well as more garlic. I also added some capers, fresh oregano and Italian parsley to go with the basiI and used a bigger layer of basil in general. Made two layers and stacked a layer of just seasoned eggplant cutlets on top to maintain some crunch. It doesn’t give you that beautiful visual, but the real problem with eggplant parm is always how to keep that crispness in. Good recipe, I hope to see people evolve other versions with as much flavor.

  16. I’ve never made eggplant without salting/sweating it beforehand. Is it just something you don’t do for this dish, or do you not find it necessary?

  17. You should recreate this recipe in your new home except grill the eggplant. A smoky eggplant parm. And invite your dad back.

  18. Sorry Gaz l am Irish not American and much prefer a traditional vegan Aubergine Parm using your tomato sauce, homemade vegan parm and homemade vegan mozzarella much healthier as the aubergine slices are grilled on a stove top grill (or BBQ) Delicious Please give it a go and send your recipe

  19. You had me baffled as to what a ‘bashmal’ was for a moment!🤭 Béchamel is probably one of the easiest French words to pronounce other than café. Just say it how it’s written. Don’t confuse us all with your bashmal!!!😩 If you want to look up how to say it just consult Julien Miquel, a nice honest French guy will tell you the truth of how to pronounce all French words – even the really difficult words! It will make your wonderful recipes so much better.😉

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