55 thoughts on “What My Husband Eats In A Day | Easy Veggie Meals

  1. Spicing things up in the kitchen! This time it’s Ben turn to showcase 3 recipes he loves to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Big relief that he didn’t chop off any fingers this round. 😉 Which recipe would you try?

  2. I did the exact same thing to my pinky back in college…it does eventually grow back, it will just take a lot longer than you think 🙈

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  5. Poor guy hes so traumatized from his thumb!! Food looked delicious though! Too bad I was eating watching this while he’s talking about how he cut his thumb off 🤣🤣❤

  6. Oh lord, I love this video, but as a Dietitian I just need to announce that cauliflower is not a good source of protein lol.
    1 whole head of cauliflower has 11 grams of protein. To help visualize how much food that is- 1 cup cauli = 2 grams of protein, so you’d have to eat like 5 cups of cauliflower for just 11 grams of protein. While for tofu just 1 cup has 10 grams of protein.
    Also, eating a whole head of cauliflower could cause lots of bloating if your not used to eating that much! Just a heads up haha

  7. Okay I’m coming back in 2021 to say your kid is gonna be the CUTEST EVER, personality wise 🙂 Of course it will probably be a cute lil human (this goes without saying), but you and Ben also have the most bubbly yet introspective personalities, and I just think your kiddo is going to have the best parts of both of you. I’m so excited for you guys!!! :))

  8. Omg that is so fancy and healthy i’d never be able to do all those steps i am too lazy for that..

  9. “So what do you wanna have on the side?”
    “Oh, just a bit of mashed potatoes. actually, now that you’re bringing it up, yesterday I cut my thumb.”
    “I didn’t tho. I just asked what you want to have on the side.”
    “Well not part of my severed thumb, hopefully.”
    “…Right. Anyways, what are we making next?”
    “We’re gonna be making some mozzarella fingers. Fun fact, a thumb is a finger. Did I tell you I cut my thumb yesterday?”

  10. Such a lovely couple you guys are❤️❤️ Sending lots of love and light and many more blessings your way

  11. So you’re telling me that he is eating less then 1800 kalorien a day? How tall is he? Must be 1,40 meters

  12. I watch Ben cooking healthy meals while eating matcha crepe cake AHAHA. Very yummy food though.

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