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  1. HOLY. CRAP. I made this for my family for dinner tonight and it is hands down the best dish I have ever made, possibly best dish I’ve ever eaten in my life. Sooooo delicious, it’s like better than restaurant quality. Also shockingly easy to clean up after, too! THANK YOU NISHA!!!! Will be making this again very very very soon

    1. Hey ,the lentil curries or dal are vegetarian only. In daily cooking, ghee or butter is not used in Indian cooking. This fresh tumeric must be used sparingly otherwise it spoils the taste.

    2. @Rainbow Plant Life same here ! I’m eating it everyday haha , I’ve made so much, I love it so so much , thank you 🥰🥰

  2. Honestly anything with a full can of full fat coconut milk is going to be good. It’s literally like adding a full stick of butter.

  3. As an Indian this is all sorts of wrong, there’s plenty of other correct Dahl recipes out there, you don’t need to go to a vegan channel.

  4. Would this be good with unsweetened peanut butter too instead of almond? 🙂 and I’m not super familiar with the differences between chilis, is red chili stronger than the green?

  5. I’ve never really understood when people change accent for some things hahah. Like, this woman has a thick North American accent. So why say basmati like that? Why not just say it with her accent..

    If I say something that is in my language but I’m speaking English, I won’t swap over haha I’ll just say it how it’s pronounce but with my English accent

  6. see i dont doubt that vegetarian/vegan food can taste good, thats really not that hard, i just like meat too much to give that up forever, and scientifically speaking choosing to not eat meat has a much smaller effect on the environment than things like fossil fuels. decreasing a fraction of a percent of world co2 production isnt gonna do shit to stop climate change

  7. Just made this, and … wowzers that is one dam good curry, just the right level of heat,


  8. I made this for me and my Mom for dinner and it was amazing! Even though I am not that good at cooking it turned out great and my Mom was so amazed and happy that I cooked something delicious for her. This definitely won‘t be the last time I‘ll make this. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe! 😊👍🏻

  9. Les trois quart des ingrédients ont traversé la moitié de la terre pour arriver dans cette cuisine, bilan carbone catastrophique.

  10. This dish was amazing. I added some maple syrup at the end and served with jasmine rice and homemade vegan naan . My boyfriend was set on hating Indian food but he loved it !

  11. Growing up in Birmingham, UK I had a lot of Indian and Jamaican friends and going over to their house and smelling the food cooking was the best, and probably the main reason why I got into cooking in the first place. I never understood how a house smelling like heavenly food was a bad thing.

  12. This is literally one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten! Nisha is absolutely the best vegan chef on the internet! She makes gourmet vegan meals pretty simple to make with her step by step instructions!

  13. Your recipes are awesome. Just came by your channel yesterday and already tried 2 recipes, both big hits! Thanx!

  14. I’m making this today. I subbed some spices with a pack of butter chicken spices. It’s smelling awesome!

  15. Indian cooking can be overwhelming with all the spices and variety of dishes. Presenting it in this simple one dish format got me over the resistance. Would love to see more like this! “If I could only cook one dish for……” Oh and btw this dish is amazingly delicious.

  16. I follow you so closely and I can’t believe I’ve never made this one! My absolute favorite now!!! Just made it and it is DELICIOUS!

  17. Sorry to be a pain, but I’m new to this. Do you know the measurements or is it all done by eye? For example, how many grams of red lentils?

    Once again, sorry to be a pain 🤦‍♂️

    1. I link to the recipe in the description box. Check it out or google red lentil curry – my website is the first result.

  18. Would love to try this dish but I’m nervous of how it’ll turn out without the measurements of the ingredients included 😆 very inexperienced cook here

    1. Hi Sarah – I always link to the full recipe in the description box. You can find the curry recipe here:

  19. Simply Ming, PBS, has a recipe where he combines brown and white rice for a healthier option. He soaks the brown rice, then combines with white rice prior to cooking.

  20. I made this for dinner tonight. I love that you can pretty much make it with pantry staples. Super delicious and satisfying. I don’t even like lentils but I really enjoyed this dish 👌👌👌

  21. *Cool vid.* As an aside, try holding that knife with your thumb and index finger just forward of the _bolster_ . It gives you much more control, and is safer.

  22. I love red lentils but the black lentil (mhah ke dhal) is amazing. Such a thick, rich sauce and great with plain white rice

  23. Tried making this in the Instant Pot tonight, turned out pretty good for my first Instant Pot meal. I have baby mouth so I omitted the serrano peppers but probably should have halved the red chile pepper(I used cayenne) as well. Added some tofu and zucchini to bulk up the curry but all in all very happy and satisfied with it! I’m always nervous when making something for the first time but this did not disappoint.

  24. Nisha! I tried your recipe this evening; incredible flavour, but mine seems a bit liquidy/sloppy. Any advice?

  25. love the tip with the spoon for the ginger, every time I used my knife I lost like a quarter of the root. Thanks!

  26. Just made this and it was REALLY delicious. Somehow i managed to make it a bit too salty, anyone has tips on how to suppress that without changing the other flavors too much? Thx!

  27. It would have been good that you put all the ingredients at the beginning of your video, so we’re not surprised. Luckily I had warm water already so it wasn’t a problem to do the vegetable broth but do you know. Otherwise smells awesome in the kitchen!

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