51 thoughts on “BILINGUAL VLOG 🍄 montréal picnics, thrifting, what i eat in day (vegan) | ADULTING DIARIES

  1. woooah i just found your videos and oh my god !! your editing is soo great and i just love you guys together idk !!! im sending u so so much love <333 thank you for your videos

  2. I don’t know why, but I see you like a cute and happy mushroom with a lot of little frogs around you, I think it’s because of your style, don’t take this as an offence please, I will try to draw how I imagine it

  3. Wait i’m confused, I thought Leah was trilingual? Doesn’t she speak fluent french, Chinese, and english?

  4. Leah I always laugh at your videos. I dunno there’s just some sense of truth like even an empty apartment seems fun to watch with those silly faces. Hahahhahahaha keep vlogging gurl!
    (Weird face with sound effect “WEEEWWWSHHHH!) Hahahahha

  5. I can’t tell why I feel so calm and relaxed watching your vlogs🤷🏻‍♀️ and those Polish accents warms my heart ☺️thank you! Both you! Stay as you are – forever! Because… we all are beautiful ☺️

  6. the way he said “wow” when you got ready and went to show him…called me lonely is 60 languages it’s beautiful tho

  7. wow wow wow i wish a 7 day no phone challenge was the kind of drunk decision making i made!!!!! (catching up on old vids, having such a great time 🙂 shout out to you leah!!!)

  8. Omg, so cute! I love hearing you speak danish. And your actually so good at it! Rød grød med fløde, is actually just red porridge with cream, haha

  9. I was just chilling in bed watching this video when I suddenly heard Leah say ‘lekkerding’ (Dutch for hottie – as in, saying someone else is hot in a blunt way) to her bread hahaha

  10. I had a very stressful month and discovering you really was life changing
    Your videos really help me to begin the day with a fresh and motivated mind, thank you so much! ♡

  11. I have watched the social dilemma couple months ago, it was sooo inspiring. I reduced my time on social media consciously after that, and it is super helpful. I begin to think more actively and enjoy every moment with the beautiful nature world!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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