56 thoughts on “What I eat in a day as a vegan actor | Madelaine Petsch

  1. please do more what you eat in a day! love the content. The editing is a little too much, please do a more relaxing vibe lol

  2. you should add nut butter to your oatmeal for the protein and fat. that’s what I’ve started doing

  3. you fr can’t get that kind of kale here in panama and i want to try it so bad!! it looks so deep green and crisp, i can just imagine it in a salad with gala apples, candied walnuts, chickpeas.. i think i’m getting hungry

  4. kombucha is really harsh on your teeth which is why it’s recommended to limit your intake to 2-4 oz. a day 😬

  5. is it just me or is Madelaine a GODDES !!!!!!!! AHE IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE CARACHTER ON RIVERDALE TO!

    1. To start you don’t have to be fully committed to being a vegetarian you could eat bacon/steak every now and then but it’s deffo not the most healthiest option

  6. Gente eu sou Brasileiro falo inglês só que as. Vezes eu falo certo de mais e me confudo

  7. You would be so proud of me I tried the tart cherry kevita kombucha and I literally love it now

  8. I’m thinking of cutting out red meat, things like bread and starchy things, and sugary things like candy. Those are the things that seem to make me gain weight

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