10 thoughts on “Gym/Workout Motivations

  1. 00:00-03:23 Believer Imagine Dragons
    03:24-06:44 Hall of fame
    06:46-10:15 Feather
    10:20-14:19 Sucker for pain
    14:20-20:22 Walk alone
    20:23-24:07 We own it
    24:10-27:27 To the next level
    27:33-31:58 Can’t hold us
    32:09-36:44 Uncommon
    36:46-40:40 Champion
    40:43-44:20 I am
    44:26-47:59 Win at all cost
    48:00-51:18 Whatever it takes
    51:22-1:02:00 There is no pain
    1:02:05-1:06:06 Lone wolf
    1:06:10-1:10:28 I made it
    1:10:30-1:14:08 Never give up
    1:14:10-1:22:30 Focus(Remember why you started)
    1:22:38-1:25:45 Keep your head up
    1:25:49-1:30:23 Go hunt your dream
    1:30:24-1:34:58 Heart of a lion
    1:35:00-1:38:57 It’s my time
    1:39:00-1:42:45 Time to chase greatness
    1:42:50-1:46:35 Never say never
    1:46:40-1:49:22 I am a champion-alpha
    1:49:26-1:52:55 I am a champion
    1:53:07-1:56:13 Built different
    1:56:17-2:01:35 Lose yourself
    2:01:37-2:06:35 Till i collapse
    2:06:37-2:10:38 Focus V2
    2:10:41-2:14:19 Congratulations

  2. I’m like a medium sized girl and I get bullied at school for being a little bit overweighted but that’s not the thing I’m doing to exercise I’ve been wanting to exercise since I was eight never got the right chance to but today I’m doing it wish me luck guys and I’m proud of you

  3. don’t you ever GIVE UP. you hear me? all you pain, suffering, discipline, will hit you tomorrow in the form of strength

  4. This album is the best thing that happened to me this past month. And it was a pretty amazing month. Because of albums like this, I can see the impact that music has on my life. Loved this.

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