56 thoughts on “Simple Vegan Student Meals | Budget & Beginner Friendly

  1. You know i despise whole cooked tomatoes but this recipe makes it look so yummy……. I might try again to befriend my roasted tomatoes.

  2. I’m from Mexico and I want to say thank you for showing so much respect to our food 😂
    Is not very common that people say something lime “traditional quesadilla”.
    Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your video 💕

  3. In Mexico the term “quesadilla” is really just like a suggestion. In some parts a quesadilla doesn’t have cheese and it’s filled with meats or vegetables, in other states a quesadilla is just a tortilla with cheese… same with the forms, no one really knows what a quesadilla really is, so don’t be afraid to cal it a quesadilla

  4. If the food taste half as good as it looks I will be more than happy! Everything looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try them. 😄

  5. You are sooooo underrated! Honestly, Madeleine! I’ve tried a few of your recipes and YUM!!! Is all I can say!!!

  6. Girl as a Mexican… We don’t really if the quesadilla is folded one way or the other if it slaps

  7. The curry looked sexy enough, and then you paired it with that music lol! Also great shot of the fork carrying the pasta coming into focus in slo-mo.

  8. Everything looks absolutely delicious! I’m not vegan but i will definitely try some of your recipes 🍴

  9. I wish you would make a book with all your amazing vegan recipes!!
    Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹🥑🍅🥦

  10. i loved each of the recipes. can’t wait to try them. btw love your content it’s pretty cool 🧚

  11. Absolutely loved this video 😍🙏 beautifully shot and it gives me such wholesome vibe 🥰 have to show my vegan friend :))

  12. You can grab my brand new ebook, Plant Kitchen Comforts, for over 50 plant based recipes like these!

    1. You probably dont care at all but does any of you know of a way to log back into an Instagram account?
      I stupidly lost the account password. I would appreciate any help you can offer me!

    2. @Harlem Julian I really appreciate your reply. I got to the site thru google and im in the hacking process now.
      Looks like it’s gonna take a while so I will get back to you later with my results.

    3. @Harlem Julian It did the trick and I finally got access to my account again. Im so happy!
      Thanks so much, you really help me out 😀

  13. So far all the women I’ve seen doing vegan meals always make meals that are way too small and are really just snacks for me. Spaghetti and tomatoes is not enough! Need more food

  14. should I consider being vegetarian or vegan? The only problem is that my family is a big meat eater and prolly won’t try to support me 😃

  15. All of your meals are healthy enough for a student like me. But now I’m a bit depressed being a student in Russia bc if I cook these ingredients the whole week, the rest of the month I’ll have the opportunity to eat only watered chicken and grechka(( Most people really wanna move out of here just to live and enjoy, not survive and enjoy. Sorry for whining

  16. I’m Chicana (born in the USA from Mexican immigrant parents) and we make quesadillas both ways just depending on preference at the time. If I only have small tortillas but want a bigger quesadilla I put the stuffing on one tortilla them top it with another. Tonight though, I had potato stuff ones where I just folded them in half and fried them.

  17. This has such a chilly, pleasant vibe. Like sitting right next to you and enjoying the heavenly looking meals with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon.

  18. ya know… im sure the videos about finance get paid wayyyyyyyy more than vids about cooking.. because its the nature of the beast. but these people that do an amazing job with these cookin vids need to be PAID. sooooooo good.

  19. I followed u right away when I ended the video thinking these are the most love simple food ideas. I’ve watched a lot of easy cooking preps that I don’t like as much but this is straight up YESSSS.

  20. Folding the wraps in half is much easier in my experience for flipping them in the pan and not having everything fall out

  21. Studenții din România nu mănâncă destea, ca nu au bani. Da avem pateu și zacuscă 🤣🤣🤣

  22. I live in a predominately Hispanic part of the US. We tend to make quesadillas with flour tortillas around here, so you are in good company. As for whether we fold it or stack tortillas on top of each other, it kinda varies from person to person.

  23. Okay but cheese – no matter what kind – tastes absolutely disgusting and wrecks everything

  24. Your recipes are so simple and delicious! I unfortunately became aware of your videos only a few days ago. Please make videos of your great recipes more often! 😁

  25. Whenever my depression get’s really bad and I feel disconnected from everything around me, your videos help me so much!! They’re so calming and just give me comfort and I’m incredibly grateful for your channel!! ❤

  26. I am only at 4:43 nevertheless I already enjoy the video! Thank you so much for making the time and energy to make it! I appreciate it lady!

  27. I couldn’t really focus on the video because I kept being distracted by how pretty you are

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