57 thoughts on “I Made 10 Vegan Dinners For Two People On A $25 Budget (In NYC!)

    1. june you are a star! you are so cute and inspirational. thank you for sharing all your clever and delicious ideas!

    2. She is a wonderful vegan cook and what a sweet hubby to say I’m vegan for you😍😍😍😍🙌🏼😱💪🏼❤️

  1. For her to name my favorite animal immediately as something better than her leaves me *conflicted*

  2. Great content here by June. Next time I’d like to see more vegan dishes that stand by themselves. In my opinion, this is a mistake that many vegetarian/vegan people make, why would you try to replicate a burger/meatballs with plant based ingredients? Veggies and legumes have its own right and its own ways to be cooked. Anyway, I love this content and June, just wanted to add another point of view.

  3. Idk about chickpea flour specifically, but for homemade tortillas they definitely need to sort of steam in their own heat for a while and the dough ball needs to rest for a while in the fridge before you start rolling.

  4. That pumpkin tried to sacrifice itself twice for June. That’s how much everyone loves you!

  5. When she says “next our crispy chickpea” *almost breaks tooth* “Don’t do that” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Hi June, have you every tried the contact lenses method for cutting onions? I noticed that whenever I wear contact lenses my eyes are invincible against onions!

  7. 8 avocados for $2 is actually common depending on where you live. You get a whole bag of them cheap in California and they don’t disappoint. Especially stopping at a little market or produce stand.

  8. I love this type of content. Especially when people say eating vegan is expensive but they don’t consider the amount of money they spend on meat products and the ultimate cost to their health not to mention the environment.

  9. I unliked this video already. I also selected “Not Interested.” Still, YouTube continues to push it on my autoplay.

  10. if you wear goggles while you’re cutting onions, you won’t cry. People think you cry because the fumes get in your nose, but it’s really your eyes that need to be covered. Glasses help too, but since they don’t seal your eyes from the air, they’re going to water still, just maybe not as much.

  11. I love June so much…best person to watch!!! You should be a billionaire with your personality and geniisness in the cooking world!!!

  12. Unlike other food from vegan food youtubers, I so love to see someone making food with SPICES and frying stuff in OIL and really focusing on flavour. I mean! I can literally taste every dish through the screen :’D Thank you for making all that delicious food!

  13. Wow. I really enjoyed that, and listening to you talk your way through these recipes. Like the critiques as well (Smile). I may not do all that work because I am fairly lazy, but you make it look almost like fun, and some of those recipes sound delicious – the vegetable noodles and peanut things sound really appealing. Love your creativity.

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