1. You should really try Linda Hallberg Cosmetics (I think they are on Beauty bay), they are vegan and multi function and just stunning!

  2. please stop doing “something different” with your eyeshadows. I used to follow your tutorials but now I look like a clown lol. please do something more wearable!!!

  3. #questionoftheday Have you tried Sheglam, the ‘new’ makeup line of Shein? And if so, what do you think?(and if not: please review! The reviews on their website are very positive for almost everything, especially the foundation, lippies and blushes). Supposedly it’s not just vegan and cruelty free, but they say that they use the same producers as the expensive beauty brands, meaning we get the same, but for a minimal drugstore price (Essence prices).

  4. I’ve been watching you for about 1,5 years now and I love seeing how you’ve been getting sooo freaking good at makeup! I mean you’ve always been good but now I’d rather watch you than any other “big” youtubers because your technique is now immaculate and it’s just so nice to see😍🥰🥰 also you’re so gorgeous and I love your personality too

  5. I was looking at skinny dip for the sweater you using in this video, can’t find it.. Is it discontinued? 😔

  6. You should try some Jolie Beauty products, they do some amazing eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, primers and lashes that are all vegan and cruelty free 😍

  7. You are gorg! I love your video. What brand are the dazzle sticks you used that you placed over your eyeshadow? I didn’t see it in your list. Were those vegan?

  8. I have recently embarked on a low waste journey and was surprised to find that the balm have some packaging that is also recyclable! Could be worth giving them a try? And i think they did it before kvd xxx

  9. I would love it if you talked more about single blushes and single highlighters instead of a bronzer, blush and highlighter all being in the one pallet. I know for most people it saves money and packaging and space for travel but for me being blind I find them a little intimidating as I don’t know which one is the bronzer in which one is the blush and it makes my life a little more confusing. Been wanting to try a new blush for such a long time but every time you mention one on your channel it’s always a part of a pallet and it makes me a little sad x

  10. This is way late – but you can use massive courgettes for zucchini bread and zucchini fritters. Because you shred it, the texture becomes more tender and just adds flavor and moisture/softness to the bread or fritter. Both are delicious!

  11. Yellow undertone makes sense. Actually most Asians wear yellow undertone foundation so well and pretty!!
    Many years ago, I could only wear pink undertone foundation, which did not suit me at all and made my skin color weird💦💦.
    I feel so happy that more and more brands have noticed and expanded the shade range.

    Soph you’re so pretty and energetic. Wish this comment could do a little something, no matter you or me.

  12. Maybe it s just me but her beauty plunder and powder brush is the larger then soph like if u think her brushes. Are anyway love her vids x

  13. Love the vegan/cruelty-free video idea! I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the vegan/cruelty-free community, but there are a lot of us who consider these brands to not be cruelty-free, despite what their packaging/website may say. If brands are owned by parent companies that allow testing on animals, those are not considered “cruelty-free” because the profits still go to people who perpetuate animal testing. Also, if a brand is sold in mainland China, where all kinds of animal testing is required by law, they are not a cruelty-free brand. A really good resource to check on those qualifiers is , and a close second resource is !

    1. For example, KVD Vegan Beauty is owned by Kendo/LVMH, so they’re not cruelty-free. Another is BareMinerals, which is not a cruelty-free brand either because they’re owned by Shiseido.

  14. Make sure that you really check your brands, because some say that their cruelty free, but their parent companies(the corporation that owns the brand name) isn’t cruelty free. Like for example, too faced is “cruelty free” but their parent company, Estee lauder, is not. So make sure that you’re not giving money to these big corporations that still test on animals because they’re not being held accountable because they names they own “are” cruelty free

  15. i do not understand why cruelty free beauty is not more hyped around here…i use ofra & kvd too 🙂

  16. I love how your thumbnail just says Glue?! Like it never existed before like I didn’t read the title of the video or anything just thought it was kinda funny. Love your videos tho!

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