60 thoughts on “CRAZY VEGAN BRISKET RECIPE, the best vegan meat I’ve ever tasted.

    1. I am intimidated with some of his recipe specially making vegan meat. I tried once from.another recipe with gluten i failed

    2. @Sara Girma the secret is kneading the seitan until you’re sweaty. It’s like a workout, lol. I made it yesterday and I’m putting the BBQ on it today. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    3. @Sara Girma you can’t go wrong with this it’s almost great. I have one adjustment to the recipe and that was to add a little bit more seasoning but really easy. Follow his steps 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    4. @Sara Girma i made it and it came out delicious. I’ve been eating all week, and I mean all week. I need to stop eating, lmao.

  1. Good job on making plant look like cooked carcass of a cow! Trying to make it taste like a cooked cow though in commendable.

  2. Oh wow, I finally found everything I needed on how to cook a healthy brisket including how to season it! Thanks Gaz 😉👌🧡🌱

  3. Ok. I’m making this next weekend. Just need some miso. I only have light sweet miso and I am not sure if it will work but …to be continued

  4. Will the plastic leach toxic chemicals? How about steam it in leaf like banana leaf or steam it inside a duch oven.. Leaf and steam strategy over plastics that could leach toxic chemicals.. God bless

  5. This recipe is some kind of cooking sorcery. The taste is amazing, the texture is firm but also flaky and falling apart when cut. It was a hit at the dinner table. Love it! Will definitely be cooking it again!

  6. Is there a cling film alternative heating plastics while cooking, would really put me off as im worried about their effect on fertility

  7. Bruv! It’s 11pm now! How am I getting that done this instant?!?!
    That’s it! Never watch this guy’s videos after 2pm.

  8. I commonly am criticized for my diet. “If you’re such a vegan/vegetarian, why do you eat things that look like meat and taste like meat? Why use meat substitutes?” Gaz gave the perfect answer when he said “I like the taste and texture, I just don’t like how it got to my plate.” It’s that simple. Not everyone has the ability to go out and hunt for their own food or grow their animals themselves. It’s a simple answer and I loved it. 👏

  9. Imagine all the nutrients a real beef brisket will actually give you. Not to mention the taste, and the time saved in preparing it (10 minutes). Cooking time: 4 hours. 
    Nothing beats meat.

    1. @regalianpeaches1 Vitamin A 🤣🤣🤣

      I didn’t ask you to list all the nutrients in meat. I asked what’s the main nutrient people aim for when eating meat. Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

    2. @Stubbari I see it ticks u off that I listed so many doesn’t it…and there are many more. Yes, vitamin A easily available in liver, rather than getting beta carotene through vegetables that many people cannot transform adequately into vit. A. Everything I mentioned are the most bio-available through meat, and absorbable in the human digestive track.

    3. @regalianpeaches1 Not really. I just don’t like when someone lies.

      People eat meat because it’s a good source of protein. Nobody eats meat to get their RDI of vitamin A

  10. Well its looks a lot like meat,much more than Gorden Ramseys Aubergine steak,which is a mushy joke.He mocks vegans and yet he can’t even cook a proper vegan meal.What a looser.

  11. I finally made this and it was soooooo delicious!! It was huge. I actually divided into 3 separate “little briskets” to fit then in my air fryer, to be able to cook them under the roast setting for 10 minutes. I followed the same time for all 3 pieces. Let them boil for 3 hours, in simmering water. Then roasted then for 10 minutes. I’ve been eating it all week, lol.

    1. @avantgardevegan yes, it’s extremely annoying hearing you repeatedly proclaimimg it to be meat. It isn’t. good recipe though. I make seitan brisket in a similar fashion. I smoke it on the kamado with added hickory which really adds another depth of flavour. I also like to add authentic homemade enchilada sauce to the liquid mix (and subsequent glaze).

  12. i like your vegan meat video but there one thing i cant eat is the mushroom can i use other vegetable with this

  13. I cannot wait to try this brisket out (I was raised on non-animal foods so I’ve never really had real animal-brisket), but this is something I’m sure I’ll like (like your recipe for vegan pepperoni which turned out fantastic). I also thank you very much for saying how you ate meat for 20+ years but didn’t LIKE HOW THE MEAT GOT TO YOUR PLATE– thank you Gaz. Anyway, this looks fantastic too. All I need is the celery salt and ground ginger! 😊 This is going to make a killer sandwich..

  14. This is amazing. Looking forward to do it! Question – how can I replace the jackfruit? I live in Argentina and it is extremely rare, and if you find it it’s expensive as hell

  15. UNBELIEVABLE! I’m floored. Is there away to make this recipe gluten without losing the texture and taste?

  16. @avantgardevegan hi I subscribe to a few vegan channels and I just found your channel as it was a YouTube recommendation. Love the recipe; however I’m allergic to gluten, so is there a gluten free version for this delicious looking brisket?

  17. So after I get the dough mixed can I go straight to a grill to smoke for a few hours or do I do the water. Bath first !!???

  18. Is there something that can be substituted for wheat gluten? Most wheat is GMO and has glyphosate residues and is yucky and makes many of u feel bad father eating.

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