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  1. Ma’am aj maine moong dal idli try ki breakfast me aur ye bahut tasty bni aur baki sbko bhi bahut pasand ayi thank u so much for giving this amazing recipe ❤️❤️

  2. I prefer soaking 3:1 ratio of mung dal to urid dal. I will avoid using fruit salt for the Idlies

    1. @Sarika Suman sure
      I prepare just like regular Idlies. Soak for atleast 6 hours and then grind and set aside to ferment. I add the paste of Ginger, g.chillies, fresh coriander leaves with salt after the grinding and allow for fermentation or add the next day and beat it up fluffy.
      That’s it. No need for temper unless you really want to. Sometimes after tempering I add that to the idli molds and then ladle the batter… It’s upto you how you want it. Check out recipe for Kanchipuram Idlies. That will show different flavours and a lot of use of sesame oil and glasses or leaf cups for the molds

  3. How much baking soda can I use to substitute eno? This looks like a good recipe! Will definitely try.

  4. Loved your nuchchinunde recipe. Not only delicious, but nutritious too..thank you for posting.

    1. Excellent recipe, very well presented. Your traditional recipes are very well demonstrated. Motivated to try immediately. Keep up your spirits for giving us such fantastic recipes. God bless you in abundance

  5. Hi ur dishes are good but why your uploading your vedios second time not this example wheat sweet recepies you have done in separate vedios but combining all that your uploading second time in lockdown days also its third time your uploading the old vedios have you done buy naming that lockdown recepies….. People will see that in your receipes in single vedios the same dish had been uploading two more are there????? But your dish are very good don’t upload two times

  6. Madam, you should try Methidana ki shaak it will have all the seven tastes. Use Kokum for khatai and for other you are master. It’s slightly liquid.

  7. You have great recipes. Thanks for sharing and posting videos!! Is there any alternative to Eno??

  8. Hi Hebbars kitchen,
    Ur recipes r simply superb & finger licking delicious 😋.
    Is there any other option instead of eno. Pls reply

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