54 thoughts on “Veg 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver

    1. Oh no! Any advice you can give? It looks so effortless when he does it but I know that’s not the case at all haha!

  1. That veggie burger looks yummy!! But 2 tsp of turmeric will have a kind of bitter, raw taste. For the quantity Jamie made 1/2 tsp or less will be more than sufficient 🙂

  2. Im so excited to try this recepies. I love The way you transform a simply ingrediente in a luxury meal.
    Thanks a lot, hugs from México.

  3. I came here hoping to find a really tasty vegan dish of Oliver, but none of these three meals are vegan. All of them have cheese in diferent ways ¿Anybody knows here a chef who prepares a totally vegan meal, please?

  4. Hey jamie, no offence. i guess the bhaji will be half cooked and raw inside. Bhaji has to be deep fried always

  5. Jamies cooking are all gorgeous. Im salivating everytime i watch him cooking.
    Hes versatile

  6. What I don’t get, excuse me for if I’m wrong, that you take everything “healthy” plant based but still white buns, why not taking buns based on whole grain, that’s much healthier and more veganistic

  7. I like that Jamie is greedy like Nigella. And they love their food. Makes you wanna try the dishes, isn’t it?

  8. I really like the recipes however I think they lack vegetarian/vegan protein. Maybe try adding more beans and pulses or grains with protein. As someone who has been vegetarian for years it’s super important to make sure you have enough healthy protein in your meal.

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