53 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Healthy Snack For Evening – Vegan Recipes | Skinny Recipes

  1. Mam please share a millet health mix for hostellers. New to your channel and loving your recipes 😁❤

  2. Plantains are cooking Bananas. These are a variety in fruit 🍌. I request you to research about these.

  3. Can we use nonstick or steel tava !! Because i stay abroad and can’t afford to purchase the cast iron tava

  4. Just one question. Should we ever cook fruits? I heard should never be heated or cooked. Here’s banana is being cooked.

  5. Fyi jaggery & sugar have almost same caloric value so it’s highly unhealthy to have jaggery! Please do your research before you cone up with such recipes

  6. स्कुलटाईम पर हमारा टिफीन यही हाेता था।😊

  7. hi, i have bought an cast iron tawa, it is very rusty. i live in a PG. please let me know how to season it.

  8. I want to discuss about my weight issue madam…I saw so many fat burning drink recently from you but confused …any channel I can write to you .thank you

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