54 thoughts on “Budget meals under €2 / $2 » vegan + delicious

  1. Sadia, can you please make more vegetable pies and vegetable casserole/ curry recipes? The vegetable tart is possibly one of the most sensual and decadent (yet SO healthy) recipes I have ever seen. I love it so much!

  2. Really love all of this, but I wish that tofu wasn’t so expencive in Denmark. One block of tofu (250 grams drained) kost 35dkk = 4.7eur, or 5.7usd, so to match up to thise recipies I have to buy douple the amount (T_T)

  3. this tofu stir fry is a life saver! sooo delicious healthy & quick can’t thank ya enough for this Sadia!

  4. Hi Sadia…nice recipes. Thanks for sharing. In your sweet and sour recipe, can you suggest another alternative for maple syrup?

  5. The food looks so healthy and wholesome, and displayed so beautifully. Love watching this show!👍

  6. Hi, I really want to make the sweet and sour tofu. The tofu I can switch with something non soy but how do I replace the soysauce? tia Romina

  7. Hi lovely! Quick question with what can I replace the sun dried tomatoes, do not really tolerate them very well. Thank you xx

  8. wow all these recipes look amazing! especially that tart. man healthy groceries and produce in australia is sooooo expensive lol

  9. Found you via Gaz Oakley @AvantGardeVegan – your recipes are beautiful and the filming is probably the best on any vegan food channel. New sub 🙂

  10. I’m envious of your prices! A block of tofu or a red pepper are easily $4 each here in Canada now, and veggies are getting so expensive people aren’t buying them much.

  11. That is one healthy curry at the end! Never seen spinach blended into a curry before, will have to try it

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  13. I didn’t know that you where from The Netherlands! I’m from The Netherlands too. Greetings from Zwolle!

  14. I didn’t realise produce was so much more affordable in Europe. In South Africa, one bell pepper is the cost of that whole meal and the total cost for the meal would be around €10 (if not more).

  15. Hi Sadia! i saw the first recipe and i remember what my Indonesian mom used to cook. it is similar with ‘tempe orek’ *sweet soy sauce tempeh stirfry. it’s taste really good. Everyone should try~

  16. What can I use instead of pineapple juice from can or bottle in the sweet and sour tofu recipe? Thank you can all the lovely recipes…

  17. The hypnotic claus globally blush because vessel suprisingly whine off a erect pepper. marked, breezy metal

  18. Cheap meals are not measured per portion, because that price doesn‘t give information about the expence of buying the ingredients really. These recipes do look kind of expencive actually and there are much better 2$ meals on the internet with cheap ingredients if you have to save money

  19. I will definitely be making all of these! I’m not vegan, but I mostly eat vegan and vegitarian. I do eat eggs, cheese, yogurt, fish and some chicken. So happy I found your channel through @abbeysharpe 😁

  20. My sister in law shared your video and I will subscribe now. Great informational but not too long either. Love how you give a budget so we know what to expect. I thought tofu will be expensive but I see it’s very reasonable. I’m in the UK and will try your recipe. I think even kids can help it’s that easy.

  21. My daughter wants to go plant base and she wants me to join I don’t have any idea where to start. Your meals looks delicious we definitely will try. Any tips for us beginners will really appreciate it thank you 😘

  22. I wonder if the green and red bell peppers cost the same in your place? In my country, red and yellow always way more pricey than the green one. Normal price will be 14/kg for red/yellow. Green bell peppers will cost like 10/kg, in my currency of course but you see the difference.

  23. I’d like to find all this veggie and firm tofu in Russian for 4 euro in total. BUT it issue impossible. To cook only tofu rice I need 15 euros instead of 4 😢😢😢😢

  24. I just tried the sweet and sour tofu stir fry and it was so amazing! My husband says he wants it every week and my kids tried their first sweet and sour with pineapple and they loved it!! I’m really in love with all your recipes! You are just amazing!

  25. Thank you. Ive been getting into vegan recipes because they expand the diversity of food I eat, and its always exciting. This is really great as a student on budget!

  26. Sadia, I have to say you never cease to amaze. I was expecting recipes to be 1.99 Euro. Also please be aware that you are a fantastic role model for dark haired girls, we see so often blondes, or brunettes with highlights. You’ve made a new “black is beautiful” 😂😂😂(hopefully no one takes it wrong)

  27. Can you do a video on how to keep fresh herbs alive indoors please? I love the videos you’ve done on keeping other plants alive! Never seem to be able to find videos on herbs though (plus the aesthetic in your videos always make watching and learning so much more enjoyable.) <3

  28. hey i absolutely love your videos and its sucha life saver also i also wanted to grow plants like basil etc so if u could have some videos regarding gardening ik its not what you do but it would be great if u do.

  29. Ah, this is what I meant in another video about it being useless to count the prize of the meal based on the tiny bits you use from a ton of ingredients. Unless you magically happen to already have all the ingredients at home It’s just not realistic because we have to buy the whole product to make the dishes. I much prefer the last video with the whole shopping list budget, that was fenomenal and I really hope you continue to do these videos in that format

  30. Amazing videos! I ve been trying out some of the recipes with my bf and serving them to his family and they immediately loved them! Does anyone know where the knife is from? I d love to gift it to my boyfriend!

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