52 thoughts on “Veganuary Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

  1. I respect you chef Ramsay. You make a small mistake for vegan integralist honey it isn’t a vegan food.

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  3. vegan substitutes:
    honey: agave, maple syrup, date syrup
    milk: almond milk, oat milk (the most sustainable), soy milk
    (optional) palm sugar: coconut sugar
    -palm products have been questioned for their sourcing, so it’s best to avoid them if you’re into veganism for the environmental impacts of animal products

  4. Gordon, i think of you as the bigger man when i see you cook vegan (almost vegan :p ). We love you even more!

    1. These are old clips someone edited and out together for veganuary, he never advertised them as vegan when they first aired

  5. Hey Gordon, what do you put on the minute 2.02?. Thanks for your kitchen tips I always look for your tips to get better at home cooking and in the pub where I work thanks.

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  7. If I’m beeing critical I think he didn’t have to put more oil into the pan. I’m saying this because some parts of the bread slices looked alittle soggy and with the fatty avocado It might not seem as light as Gordon describes it

  8. Y’all dense as fk. These are old recipe clips that someone edited and uploaded for ‘veganuary’, hence the honey and milk.

  9. It seems great but bread is a processed food that true vegans do not eat they also do not eat refined oils or sugar which includes Honey, they can use some ancient grains such as millet or buckwheat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and nut butters but not peanuts since these have a type of mold on them the way wheat has a neurotoxin on it that does not wash off used to kill roaches and other bugs that invade when it is stored, so then; no corn wheat dairy sugar alchohol animal products or processed foods no oils no salt only what is in the vegetable naturally such as celery or broccoli has natural salt

  10. Im a vegan of 25 years and I eat the holy hell out of local Bee Keepers honey and friends of local farmers. 👍🏻🪐🌏

  11. as of working with sushi for some years now I can tell he has not handled or sliced many avocados 😄👌 still one of the best

  12. Me: Serving “smashed” avocado on bread to Gordon.

    Gordon: The avocados are not fanned out! I can’t eat this $#%!

  13. 3:44 quick heads up everyone, linseed = flaxseed and it has to be ground in order to absorb the most omegas possible (unless you are a ridiculously thorough chewer)

  14. Never did I think I would see this man supporting Vegan cooking, so I’ll give him a pass on the honey.

    Argave or maybe Maple Syrup would be a good substitute.

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  16. Gordon as a product is amazing. The first minute of this video…its pure genius. I sooo happy this content exists.

  17. Shaley camera is giving me motion sickness. Could he not afford a Steadicam or a trained videographer? If it was like every third shot… Or just in closeups I mights say “yeah ok, not for me but it’s obviously a design or artistic choice” … But it’s constant. It’s terrible. Just point the camera at the food and leave it there so I can see what the food looks like.

  18. Honey is not vegan! Try maple syrup instead. If you are giving us ‘vegan’ recipes please do your research, Gordon Ramsay. But well done and thank you for promoting veganism, the fastest growing movement in the world and for good reason. Respect for the planet, respect for animals, respect for our bodies.

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