1. LAY HO MA!! I hope you’re keeping well and hungry because this dish is absolute bomb! I hope you’ll love it. Btw if you’re new here, welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Be sure to pick up your free ebook that has 5 super easy plantbased recipes to help you get started with cooking today. Plus you can watch the entire first class in the new plantbased sushi making masterclass http://www.yeungmancooking.com happy cooking 🥳

    1. This looked so good..I watch all your videos, but have not made anything yet! Will download the ebook and start tonight

    2. Colombian people just started cooking with you…Amazing..best wishes, everything looks so delicious!!

    3. Agree on the curry leaves part. It shud splutter in the hot oil to impart its flavor. Also add asafoetida to the oil to get that umami flavor.

    4. Chinese guy steals yet another Indian recipe, won’t give credit, even as many Indians in the comments section have recognized their cuisine. Surprise!
      Curry leaves from ‘a local supermarket’, REALLY, not a ‘South Asian’ one?!? ROFL 😂😂😂

  2. This music is brilliant!! Thanks or your attention to details! I just made your curry basil rice today!

  3. as an Indian this seems very strong to gulp…have a little less curry leaves as it’s taste and aroma is very strong, since there’s already so much green chilly, have paprika in little less quantity. Garam masala is also adding to spicy flavor. And above all, have some curd or raita along with, else it’ll feel very dry and wanting to drink loads of water with every bite. 🙂

  4. I’m 14 years old now, but I said that if I made this rice and let my brother eat it, it would be insanely delicious. thank you very much

  5. Being an Indian who cooks and eats Indian vegetarian food every day… I must say that this recipe turned out to be super yummy. I did not have curry leaves at hand.. just used a few TBS of cilantro and it still was very good! Thank you Yeung Man for sharing this recipe.

  6. I recently started watching your recipe videos and I love how all your recipes are simple and easy to make. One thing I want to point out to you is, always put curry leaves in hot oil, before you put anything else. That will enhance the flavour of curry leaves more and the dish will have the flavour of curry leaves.

  7. Curry leaves are supposed to be crackled in the oil. It should be the first or one of the first ingredients in a dish. The spices haven’t been roasted properly with the masala. This is absolutely stupid. Why y’all fucking up Indian cuisine?

  8. Grt recipe…….I would like to experiment with same recipe to adding dash of soy sauce and tbsp ketchup……

  9. Hi good evening sir, your cooking style so easy, confident & elegant also. Love frm Malaysia 🇲🇾🙏👍💐

  10. no flavor except chilies, should have added little sugar to balance. Crappy music. Disappoined first time.

  11. Add a touch of ghee and it elevates the dish. Mint can also be used instead of curry leaves. The curry leaves taste better if you crisp them up in the oil or roughly tear up them. To add some protein, add chickpeas and some veg and its a complete meal. Love your recipes.

  12. Try adding peanuts in the oil first for some crunch and lemon to cut on the oil and get the spices together!

  13. What a disgrace to masala this fried rice is. I can smell the rawness of those ingredients from my screen. Cook it properly 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. Hi love your recipes..all are absolutely fantastic recipes tastes so good .. try grated coconut rice without any masala you will love it .

  15. You are truly honestly amazing. Here are my reasons
    1. You are able to make delicious food from all cuisines which is not easy because one has most comfort in the foods they have been grown up with .
    To get the delicate flavors of other cuisines is quite a task.
    2. You give love and respect to food from other regions and cultures
    3. Every video of your is a work of art
    The background music was a nice soothing touch .
    Love and respect from India. 🙏

  16. Nice 👍🏾 – But it might be better if 3:15 ingredients to be mixed after the rice is put at that time and stirred a bit .

  17. Loved it….just a question out of curiosity…why did you not mention it anywhere that it is an Indian dish?

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