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    1. Purple diet challenge. All the food you eat has to be purple, like purple sweet potatoes, blue berries, black currants, black chicken, grapes, purple cabbage, eggplant, purple carrots, purple potatoes, black rice, figs, beets, passionfruit, lavender, etc.

  1. western people cant cook for shit with anything else than meat… its sad. in india we have thousands and thousands of vareity veg recipes which taste much better than meat

  2. you went plant based – if you’re vegan is for the animals, then as a nutritionist with a masters degree in personal training and sports nutrition for high performance athletes. I can tell you your B12 was already off, it takes around 5 years to be deficient and 40% of people who eat meat and dairy are also deficient in B12.
    So yeah, you made your case, cool, but don’t be one of those people who just shit on a diet cause you read a book and didn’t work on you…
    Iron deficiency on a vegan diet is because you’re not eating properly, tofu legumes dark leafy greens etc.
    And yeah if you call it enjoyable and a life experience to eat a poor animal that was tortured and killed for you to have 20mins of pleasure , well … no words.
    Specially if you’re in a first world country where you can find beyond meat, elavegan fondue (not sponsored) , plant based milk like oatly etc . why would you choose to torture and kill ??

  3. Really enjoy this content and your dedication to experiment. I understand your desire for food to be something incredible and hence remaining omnivorous. However, for me, the decimation of the planet caused by animal agriculture, the destruction of human health from meat and dairy and the billions of animals that live and die in suffering due to human greed are a price that is just too high to pay. Respect man, keep up the great content.

  4. You say taste pleasure justifies violence?

    Check out the pig I rescued from slaughter. Pigs are just like dogs.

  5. This is hella inhumane and immoral. Plants are ALIVE so they have just as much “inherent living rights” as anything that lives. That is “morality”. Stop being shady to plants and think that it is normal and acceptable. Stop robbing them and killing them for any reason and think it is morally justified because it is FAR from it! Nothing can justify for immorality either. Not god, not religions, not food chain, not circle of life, not for survival, not personal beliefs, NOTHING!

  6. I just watched “The Game Changer” last night. I ate the biggest salad today! But still feel confused by all the opposing diet ideas. I appreciate seeing how you handled a vegan diet for 3 months. Very interesting…

  7. I just love this video, you give the experiment enough time IMO and you were reasonable when discussing the results!
    Keep it up!!!

  8. I sadly can’t get myself to go vegan, but as far as I now it’s certainly possible even for athletes. Sure you need to do a quite a bit of research, calculate carefully and take some supplements, but the main appeal of veganism and vegetarianism isn’t performance it’s animal ethics and environmental impact.

    1. Yeah, saw this coming. The almighty vitamix and smoothie. Vegans can’t live without those.

    2. @Matthew Ketcher What does that even mean man? This as nothing to do with veganism. Its normal to give yourself a little bit more protein intake and have diversified types of protein. Even if you are not vegan, it could be a good idea to take plant protein powder, taking in acount that you might not be eating any plant protein which is important for a good health. Its simple, easy and a good health advise for anyone. My comment was just to advise him to mix his powder with something else than water because powder and water dont taste like heaven lol, but powder, milk, fruits is a wholesome mix my man you should try it, for you own benefit 😉

  9. In physiological side of is every our 30 trillions cells work on carbs,so why would you put anything else in the car besides gasoline 😉 nice video i start follow

  10. You should try a week fast then lion woe (way of eating) beef salt and water. Your results will blow your mind I did it last year and now eat nutrient dense only, haven’t had fiber, vegetables or fruit since then🦁 my RA is gone, reversed diabetes, regulated Ku thyroid and my testosterone went up from 270 to almost 500… no supplements aside from electrolytes, minerals that is… (sodium, potassium and magnesium). I got pics and proof of all the labs and I look and feel great. I’m 39 but everyone things I’m 30-33. Fasting and low inflammation extend telomeres.

  11. too bad you got the wrong idea (and research)on the plant based diet. you ll get anything you need and more from veggies, nuts&seeds, fruits and whole grains.
    that guy from the doc was already a pro athlete btw, he got injured and then smashed his records with the diet.
    but still..amazing videos!

  12. ok but where were the beans, other legumes, tofu, nuts etc? You’re obvs not gonna have iron if you dont eat foods rich in iron. Explore more Indian cuisine, its mostly vegetarian. And not the sad bland kind in the west. Spices really work wonders when paid attention to and used properly….. or even used at all really.

  13. B12 comes from bacteria from the soil, and the a lot of the population (non-vegan) is deffient. Because cattle is no longer fed with grass and legumes, most cattle is also supplemented with B12.

    1. no. b12 comes from bacteria in animal gut.
      if there is bacteria in soil. you are detecting animal poop. bon appetite
      cattle get b12 supplements when they are fed low cobalt diet.
      cattle is fed mostly cellulose. the thing humans cannotd digest, and cattle converts it into dense rich nutrients. humans cannot do that effeciently. not at all with cellulose.

  14. vegetables are poisoned with pesticides and fruits have sugar in them that raise insulin levels God put animals here to eat.Vegans are deficient in alot of things like b12 they suffer from mental illness.God said all meat is good to eat.

  15. I’ve been vegan for almost 6 years and my blood check are perfect everytime, doing ~10 hrs of sports a week. Maybe you should redo it with a better plan 😉

  16. trying to be vegan without knowing how to cook is to doom yourself to a miserable life, had said that if you know what your doing you will discover flavours and foods you couldn’t imagine beforehand 🙂

  17. This guy built fake muscles by going vegan 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂 he didn’t get real protein.

  18. Great video!
    I went keto but noticed fatigue, headache and irritability because of low potasium, magnesium etc which I can get through supplements then I asked myself why even buy supplements when I can get these minerals simply with food. It all depends what you want to achieve. Weight loss or just feel good? If you ask me just eat from all the food groups and exercise.

  19. There were numerous factual errors in Game Changers. Watch Food Lies. The longer most people stay of vegan the more sick they become.

  20. Did you have that acne as a meat eater? Have you tried carnivore? (ie without bread, french fries, sugar, etc)

    It is very difficult to get that protein out of the broccoli because of all the fiber. This is why no society in history that has tried veganism has survived to produce a healthy next generation. “Eating Everything” could be perpetuating the acne.

  21. If you are going to compare plant protein to animal proteins, you should use example of high protein plants like seeds, nuts, Legumes, and grains. 100 g of peanut butter for example has 25 g of protein vs 100 g of chicken breast has 27 g of protein.

  22. Plant food is FULL of Iron!
    Please learn how to cook. It takes time for you taste buds to change.
    Eat more,the biggest mistake noobies make is not eating enough. Eat enough calories from plants and you’ll get all the protein you need.
    Plants also have all the Amino Acids you need.
    You’ve a way to go with nutritional information…keep learning man.

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