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  1. This time we themed our budget video on curries 🍛  For the next one, what kind of themed budget-friendly video would you like to see? Snacks, breakfasts, desserts, or something else? 👩🏻‍🍳

    1. Hey Sadia, seeing the bloopers in the end of the video makes me value even more your work! I used to believe you just started and filmed in one take and just edited it to save time 😂 never thought how hard it is to make videos! Thank you for your great work 😁

  2. I would love some more recipes with veggies such as leeks, brussels sprouts, parsnips, cauliflower, etc. ☺️

  3. I can hardly wait until my next grocery shopping day. I’m going to be having lots of vegan curry dishes next week. THANKS!

  4. every time you say the word cream or creamy it is so proper sounding and ive never understood how asmr is pleasing to some people but its so relaxing to hear you say that hahah

  5. Nice recipes! But…….don’t cut too much off from the Lemongrass stalk. Max. a 1/4 inch, just at the end where the roots start. The bottom part has got the most flavor. Don’t waste it!

  6. Great recicpies, Nadia. But your video gets interrupted for an M&M commercial!!! Quite weird, thinking you are all about healthy food 🙁

  7. Hello there. I came across your channel and must say that it is very interesting. I am diabetic and also, I’m afraid to say, a recently failed vegan. Failed in the sense that there are so many foods open to vegans which are a no no for diabetics. There is not an area, from fruits to vegetables, that does not impact on diabetics to one degree or another. Would you have any vegan recipes that would strictly adhere to the particular needs of diabetics?

  8. Any chance you could do a video on substitution options? You mentioned sometimes leaving out a spice but what are some options we could use as substitutions if possible. Or substitution for other things, like I don’t like tomatoes or mushrooms. Are there other options to use that we can make sure getting the same nutrients from the original recipe?

  9. Omg!! We need more of these. I love good and green food, but I’m a student and education in the US is expensive. Lol

  10. The tofu is 95c?? In Austria I always get the one kind that’s available at Penny or Billa or Spar and they’re all 1,99€. Even though Penny is a cheaper store 😕

  11. Whatever you’re doing to narrate your videos—write/read from a script, speak from your heart, narrate and narrate again and splice it all together—keep doing it. You have this easy joy when you speak and narrate, and it makes for an inspiring experience. Plus the camera work and editing is stupendous.

  12. I made the Aloo Matar Potato and Pea Curry recipe, then got adventurous and made my first naan. I enjoy making your recipes. I find them easy to follow, tasty, and filing. What great recipes to use on my whole food-plant based journey.

  13. Long time fan, thank you so much for the shopping list .PDFs, I’ve looked high and low through the videos and the website but can’t seem to find the answer to this question. What kind of bouillon cubes do you use? 😲 Your channel is amazing and we love every video, keep up the incredible work. ♥

  14. These are the everyday Indian meals btw….!!😅

    Specially that aalu matar one…♥️(last)

  15. Yum! I can’t wait to try these. I’m a flight attendant and meal prep for 3-4 day trips and am always looking for healthy and affordable recipes that are easy to make. I use your recipes quite a lot!

  16. These curries look so warming and delicious ☺️ I can’t wait to try the golden indian curry this week!

  17. I need an answer. I don’t KNOW if I did NOT understood this VIDEO? I was very EXCITED with the IDEA of 2$$ meals…BUT on the FIRST RECIPE here in the U.SA just the CAN of COCONUT MILK will cost the 2 $ plus exotic things like the lemon grass will also,plus everything else you USE,there is NO WAY that the meal WILL COST 2$ Did I get confuse? and did not understand?
    Looking forward to hear from you Thank u

  18. I would love to see an episode of a list of links of the best/favorite kitchen tools.
    Also hand pies that are meal pockets (not desserts) that can be frozen and warmed up for an easy lunch. Hand pies, pierogies, dumplings, or ravioli. Little pockets that can be frozen and saved for a rainy day.
    Maybe a Vlog on how many recipes can be made with one head of cabbage, how many recipes with one large cauliflower, how many recipes with a big pumpkin, and multiple recipes for things that we are pulling out of the garden and end up in the compost pile for lack of creativity.
    Maybe a vegan outdoor Habachi meal, and more creative outdoor camping type cuisine. Like a soup or vegetable stew cooked over a fire pit. Late Summer and Fall we are Camping more and enjoying friends outdoors around the fire. It is very trendy to have outdoor kitchens now equipt with pizza ovens, etc because people dont want to go to back and forth from indoors to outdoors. Recipes for us that do not have fancy outdoor kitchens but a fire pit with friends and everyone that wants to cook and stay outdoors before Winter is here again.

  19. 3 medium tomatoes would probably be $2.50 where i am rn 😆😆😆 but yummm
    this is my fav series

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