59 thoughts on “How To Get Enough Protein On The Vegan Diet

  1. Don’t cut the skin off your kiwi! Just wash it and eat it. There are a ton of vitamins and nutrients in the skin.

  2. Whoa these meals are nothing like what I’ve seen before. Also not a ton of vegetables to chew though in the first two meals (my preference).

    Not done with vid yet but liked

  3. Just a tip when you use chickpeas not for its flavor but for texture or any other beans/ peas you’re supposed to wash them really good and also dry them really good so that’s probably why the cookie dough tastes bad.

  4. At 5:48 he says completely cold turkey and that’s wrong, it’s completely cold tofu 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. arent most plant based protein sources incomplete as they dont include all the essensial amino acids and also not being absorbed as well as meat protein sources and also having high amounts of other macros like carbs and fats (like beans)

  6. These were some great recipes! I really like the fast presentation style. No wasting time on irrelevant nonsense.

  7. I’m a non dairy vegetarian on a weight loss journey and lifestyle change journey and this guy has been so helpful


  9. I respect the advice in this video since you’re a meat eater. I am, too, currently, but am constantly going back and forth on how much milk and meat I should consume. Now doing another exploration into a heavier plant-based diet.

  10. I try to eat a lot of veggies but I gotta watch what veggies I eat cause high gas veggies make my stomach feel like I at glass

  11. Do you take anything for energy? or is that all natural? lol. i switched to plant based 4 days ago and I’ve been kind of fatigued. and moody

  12. You’re one of the best creators on that segment. There’s a lot of BS being said about veganism. Djokovic, the greatest tennis player, has a plant-based diet and keeps his prime play.

  13. You can’t get the full kiwi experience without the skin.
    If you don’t like the skin you don’t really like any fruit.

  14. Just started watching it and immediately turned off. I get the moral principle of the Vegan diet and I’m not against it. What I am yet to find is somebody who’d have a consistent, cheap, readily available and reasonably high in protein Vegan diet. 1st thing this guy shows me is 20 different processed seed and what not satchets. I’M INTERESTED IN THIS DIET, I truly wanna be supportive, but cmon, I don’t have money for all that stuff. In addition, could somebody answer me how they overcome all the potential vitamin deficiencies that can possibly come with this diet? And again, I don’t have anything against it and I’m interested in it, but so far it’s been only overprocessed plant based burgers and seeds left right and centre. I don’t even like burgers!

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