52 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | realistic & healthy vegetarian meal ideas (vlog style) 🌱

  1. Thank you so much for not making me feel crap after watching a “What I eat in a day” video. I have honestly been binge watching these unable to stop and crying my face out. But I feel so much better now so thank you!!!

  2. Omg I’m obsessed with your earrings and rings please tell me where you got them?!

  3. Yas! U doing your oats like me! I add the powder into the oats and my bf thinks thats weird. Cuz everyone blends the powder with water and adds it on top later 😅😅

  4. Hey guys, if you always feel unmotivated to do workouts and follow a diet, I create this channel, where we can talk about our goals, help each other to achieve our goals, and do challenges together (video call or sending screens of health app etc). I think it can really works!!

  5. I’m mixed with American and danish so every time I hear an American person say anything abt white bread and NORMAL healthy bread I LAUGH 😂 be in Denmark we never eat white bread.

  6. Omg I just absolutely love your thumbnails. And also I found you like awhile ago and I just can’t stop watching your videos

  7. OMG thank you Fernanda this breakfast is BOMB!! I tried it out today, thanks xx ❤️💜❤️💜

  8. today:

    breakfast- avacado toast, light yogurt and iced coffee

    dinner- tuna salad (lettuce, orange and yellow peppers, tomatoes and spring onion) on tiger bread

    tea- pepper salad and a chicken wrap

    I also had a little tub of carrot sticks after my run, lots of water, and hot lemon juice as well

  9. I just laughed because I heard that Americans eat dinner like 5pm and here in Europe (at least in Portugal) we usually eat like 9/10 pm!

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