61 thoughts on “Quite possibly the most seductive vegan dish

    1. For us it’s usually a classic pasta (e.g. alla arrabiata) with homemade garlic knots and a glass of wine. 🍝

    2. Our favorite is your one pot bolognese pasta from your cookbook! My husband talks about it for days after! Our second favorite is your mushroom stroganoff. The nonstick sauté pan you recommended is fabulous! We call it our “Nisha pan”! I never knew mushrooms could be so sexy!!😍. Please come to Boston and open a restaurant!

  1. i feel like i’m actually learning to cook when i watch these videos instead of just learning how to do one specific recipe

  2. What about making this in the instant pot? BTW, totally hooked on your videos and recipes. I get your cookbook in the next few days! Thank you!!

    1. So happy you’re enjoying my videos and recipes! When you get my cookbook, you’ll find a variation of this recipe to make in the instant pot 🙂 it’s in chapter 5.

  3. Made this last night for dinner and all plates were licked clean! My husband loves risotto and said this was his favorite version so far.

  4. Nisha’s cook is a treasure trove. The most amazing and practical cook book ever. Worth every penny and made some great dishes for my non vegan family. All loved them!

  5. What a delicious recipe. I just finished making and eating some. Soooo good! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I really appreciate that you tell us WHY you do certain things. Very helpful! Love that I found this channel!!

  7. Wow, I never saw the interest in Risotto but you made this look so delicious I had to try it, amazing! I loved it!

  8. I like the way you explain things, but I’m sorry to say your risotto wasn’t as it is properly done in Italy, but you did put all your effort in it. And I appreciate the fact you talked about Arborio and Carnaroli rice! LIKE for you and keep sharing.

  9. Just the most amazing book and the amazing recipes; Nisha’s passion for vegan food is infectious like a Virus, unless you really try hard, it is unavoidable you succumb to it :-)!!!! As a fellow lawyer, I am so proud your impact on the world! Thank you Nisha.

  10. Even though I have eaten many “high profile” mushroom dishes (risotto, ravioli, creamy mushroom pasta…), in a restaurant and homemade, I can for the life of me not “desire” mushrooms in a way I actually want to buy them and use them in cooking. However, it’s asparagus season so I’m definitely making asparagus risotto ✌ The process should be largely the same and it’s the same good excuse to open a bottle of white wine (which is at least 50% of my reason for making risotto anyway) 😂

  11. If you slice the leek lengthwise you can rinse it between the layers under running water and get the dirt out without losing flavor ❤️

  12. Do you have another seductive recipe that takes a little less work and fewer ingredients? Haha! Looks delicious, though.

  13. What’s the difference between vegan butter and margarine? Isn’t that basically what margarine is, anyway, even if it is a different product?

  14. Girl, I’m a fan! I’m so picky with recipes because they usually lack a lot of flavor (especially vegan recipes) but I made the wild rice soup the other day and you are the real deal!

  15. I need vegan butter that doesn’t have soy in it! Im allergic to soy, which makes it hard to enjoy vegan food.

  16. Have you tried Violife parmesean? It’s insanely good. Their cheeses are now my go-tos along with Miyoko’s.

  17. Hi new subscriber here, I have to say , that looks incredible. I will definitely be tuning in to see more. I am slowly converting to veganism.

  18. I personally like it with nutritional yeast instead of miso, served with some tempeh on top.

  19. I love your recipes, tried your bolognese and it was really tasty. Unfortunately my special someone really hates garlic, guess I’m going to treat myself with this dish. 🤤

  20. Looks like a delicious recipe, thanks! I was wondering about the vegan butter, and if it could be replaced by oil? coconut oil if it needs to be solid? or left out? does it add anything more than the miso already does, to the mushrooms? I never have vegan butter in the house, and not a fan of it… will try it, but would be happy if anyone has ideas or experiences with that!

  21. I just made your risotto from the Vegan Instant Pot cookbook. And honestly, it is the best and most delicious thing I think I’ve ever made. Thanks! It will be a staple 🙂

  22. I’ve been binge watching your videos. Your channel is awesome for a beginner wanting to transition from non veg to vegan. You have amazing recipes and looks very delicious 😋. Definitely going to make your dishes. ❤️ And thank you for the amazing information you always share💞

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