1. LAY HO MA!! I hope you’re keeping well! With this recipe, you’ll be able to just BEET IT (beet it) BEET IT (beet it) 🎶 😅 hey btw if you’re new here, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! Pick up your free ebook that has 5 super easy plantbased recipes to help you get started with cooking today, plus watch the entire first class of the new plantbased sushi masterclass http://www.yeungmancooking.com happy cooking 🥳🍔

  2. Might be a dumb question, but can I use a blender instead of food processor? Don’t have one at the moment.

  3. I’m so fascinated and intrigued with these amazing recipes that you come up with. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Wow that looks really good, but I have a question since I don’t really like the taste of beets, does the burger have a beets taste to it? If it does, is their anyway to reduce that?

  5. This was incredibly impressive. I know we keep most of the ingredients in our cupboards on a regular basis except for the black bean, vegan cheese and buns. I think this is a must try instead of purchasing ready made vegan meat burger patties.

  6. I loved the taste of the burger but the texture was off. It ends up being pasty. I kept the burgers in the pan longer than suggested hoping the pastiness would disappear and become more like the consistency of a regular burger. Unfortunately it didn’t. Any suggestions?

  7. I finally made this after thinking about it for months. I’ve tried many vegan burger recipes and this my favorite so far! I did everything to the letter for this recipe and it was fantastic & even looked exactly like yours. I’ll definitely be making these again, with complete confidence 😉 Love your channel. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for sharing again a wonderful recipe. I have made this and it’s really awesome. Just wondering can I bake them instead?

  9. Sencillamente deliciosa y con la música de fondo y un buen vino felicidades saludos desde México 😊😋🙏

  10. Looks delicious. I’ll have to whip some up☝
    Can’t wait. I agree the cheese you used is very good. Smoked provolone or smoked gouda is terrific🌿

  11. I made these burgers after the first time I saw this incredible recipe. I am having a craving for them again, but I have a question. How come your burgers weren’t as deep red as mine? Maybe the size of the beet which added more color?

  12. And A fried egg would be nice too. 🙋‍♀️ thank you !! so much for this recipe🎈🎈. .
    ▪▪▪ wish I HAD THE PASSION for cooking like YOU DO

  13. i just love and appreciate you, will. every blessing. thank you for your content, always. im making these burgers tonight.

  14. I like you’re recipe but I don’t shatake mushrooms what should i use instead of shatake mushrooms please reply

  15. Hi, new on this channel, delighted by the receipe and by the choice of backround music. As for now, all your recipese which i tried worked delicious. Thank you!

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