74 thoughts on “I Made Gordon Ramsay’s Viral Vegan Eggplant Steak

  1. Don’t understand why you need to overcook something for that amount of time. What if you roast it after initial baking.

  2. >Makes an all vegan dish
    >Proceeds to put Worcestershire sauce in joux

    Worcestershire sauce fyi is made from fermented fish,so it’s not vegan.

  3. I Just dont get it why vegans want their food to Look like meat?Maybe because evolurion made US omnivores and theit diet is unnatursl and unheslthy?

  4. That’s an amazing video 🙂
    Love your vibe and energy. I’d like you to do more recipes like this. I love watching recipes on youtube but they are a bit boring. I think you could make boring recipe videos quite entertaining 🙂

  5. Not trying to cause any waves. Just thought you might want to know that you should probably stay away from Worcestershire sauce. Its a fermented condiment made with fish as one of the main ingredients. It’s basically the Englishman’s version of Garum.

  6. The biggest criticism that still holds true for Vegans is why do they have a constant need to replicate meat? Your vegetables will never be meat, stop trying to make them as such, and people who eat meat are only going to be disappointed if you try to serve them ‘vegan steaks’ or such. Call it what it is – a roasted eggplant.

    1. @BPorter Music I meant the misconception that vegans wouldn’t like the taste of meat or that vegans would go vegan because of the taste.

      Your whole “biggest criticism” (which doesn’t hold true) relies on the false assumption that veganism would be about the taste of food.

    2. @Stubbari If you want the taste of meat that much then just eat meat. No point to going vegan if you can’t live without the taste of meat.

    3. @BPorter Music Another false logic. You haven’t really thought this true, right?

      Do you also tell alcoholics to just drink more since they like it so much? Or drug users to keep using?

    4. @Stubbari Meat isn’t drugs, you are just an idiot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating meat, if you like the flavour of it then simply eat it rather than trying so hard to make vegan alternatives.

    5. @BPorter Music Maybe you should check what veganism is about? You clearly have no idea.

      “Do something you think is morally wrong because you like the end result” is the worst advice ever. I truly hope you nobody ever listens to your advice.

  7. He was actually mocking thatveganteacher. He has done vegan and vegetarian meals and posting vegan and vegetarian recipes online too.

  8. why did you oil it before baking? Gordon certainly didn’t before placing it DIRECTLY on his gas stove 😀 Mad.. anyway, why not just go outside, make a fire and hold it into a flame for a bit? 🙂 I’m sure you realized that all the smoke came from the oil burning

  9. Might slice the eggplant thickly and then soak it in the sauce and then grill it. I don’t like the seeds.

  10. This vegan steak was literally the best prank.
    Like, people thought he was serious. You think there is vegan butter?😂 Seriously.
    Anyways, the video was great.

  11. Out of topic but Aria immediately neglecting his expensive macbook to go look at Merle and her eggplant? Cute :”

  12. Helpful hint when roasting any sort of vegetable that you want to peel the skin off of: put it in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for 10-15 mins. The steam from the roasted vegetable will help release the skins. It makes it easier and sometimes you get lucky and it will pull off all at once.

  13. jesus…. just get a steak down your neck. i never understand why vegans eat vegan burgers or vegan steak… just eat a fucking carrot lol stop trying to still be like us,

    1. @sam vexez Ah, now the liar switches to strawmanning.
      Sorry buddy, I’m not a vegan (and haven’t ever been one).

  14. I’m going to combine this recipe with Gordon’s Eggplant Wellington recipe; just the part where you inject stuff into the eggplant

  15. Lol y is her boyfriend acting so creepy n clingy 😆 She must cook a mean meal to have a man go “Aaaaaaaaaaaah”
    But sweet. Very adorable.

  16. Cara, vocês veganos são uma piada. Gastou 5 horas e R$300,00 pra tentar imitar carne. Se não comem carne, esqueçam a porra da carne. Vão comer alface ou sei lá. Acho isso ridículo. No fim vocês querem comer carne igual qualquer outro ser humano, porque é nossa natureza sermos carnívoros, mas querem pagar de seres evoluídos que respeitam os animais. Mentem, traem, fazem todo o resto igual qualquer outro pecador, mas se acham melhores porque não comem carne. Não comem carne e ainda passam a vida tentando inventar algo que seja parecido com carne.

  17. Any one that tries to pas something vegan for meat should be jailed or ground in to dogfood.

    Some one calling him/ her self a vegan butcher is nothing more than idiotic as the are nothing more than vegetable paste greengrocers.

    Vegans are disgusting .

    1. @Marcus Franconium I think that’s the fault of the individual. If the package clearly says what it is and list it’s ingredients then it’s the fault of the buyer.

    2. @Marcus Franconium If someone can’t read and they buy something without knowing what it is (because they can’t read the label) it’s exactly their fault lmao.

    3. @Stubbari so becouse of some one comming form a country that has a different language ,alphabet , or just is incapable of reading its their fault .

      Some Fucking vegan put their fake shit in to the meat section.

      That is disgusting.

      If there is ever a petition to exterminate vegans . iam the first to sign it and volunteer to implement the procedure of killing those disgusting worms.

    4. @Marcus Franconium Yes exactly. It’s their own fault. I don’t go to China (I don’t know anything about Chinese language or writing) and expect to understand what packaging says and eat things at random especially if I’m allergic to something.

      Same goes for your niece. Can’t read and eats something when it’s dangerous for them. Natural selection should have done the job there.

  18. experimenting is good! But as i ve done some simmilar stuff (just for the beginning of it ) i would just go for the oven (no oils nothing ) and get a very nice easily cooked eggplant .Then i would either slice it or smash it and put some olive oil chopped tomatoe onions and garlic salt and black pepper and thats it. I may with all the ingredients in a pan too if i feel a bit more smoky.. ! Thank you for sharing!

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