58 thoughts on “Is Gordon Ramsay’s Viral Eggplant Steak any good???

  1. Bro, when did Gordon ever say that was a steak substitute… You Vegans are weird bro.. He literally just made an eggplant dish that looks like a steak for a tiktok, nothing more. He is an entertainer as much as he is a chef. And I made this and thought it was honestly really good. Sound like this is more about your gripe with Gordon as a Vegan than actually giving that dish an unbiased review.

  2. So I’m suggesting pork steak is supposed to look completely like steak…. Or that watermelon ham is supposed to look and feel like ham?

  3. I thought a1 sauce wasn’t vegan. Doesn’t it have Worcestershire sauce in it? That’s made with fish sauce or anchovies.

    1. Taste is nothing but a chemical reaction in your taste buds. There’s plenty of plant based meat substitutes which taste like meat.

  4. I think he’s implying for it to look like a steak not actually to taste like one. Like what most vegans do, to fool the eyes and make them wanna eat it cause it looks like another thing.

  5. I’ll have to watch the Gordon Ramsey video to see if he calls it a meat imitation or just an egg plant steak. The word “steak” has been used to describe a variety of foods. Not just beef

  6. Man throws shade to Gordon 😂 yet Vegan hate meat but yet want there food to look just like meat 🥩😂😭😂🤦🏽‍♂️💯

    1. I’m not vegan, vegans dont hate meat, they hate animal abuse. Does this fake steak have animals in it? Nope… then the thing they hate is not in it. Also I threw shade at Gordon, because this was HIS recipe. hahaha I mean the stupidity in your comment is mind blowing.

  7. I bet you can fix this by purging it with salt in the fridge for about 24 hours after the skin is off. Or even just throw it in a food dehydrator for a little while.

    1. Im not vegan… and stop being stupid. no one is obsessed. Thats like saying a diabetic is obsessed with sugar because they put sweetener in their coffee. Do you like burgers? Are you obsessed? No you just like burgers. Its not like this is rocket science. hahaha

  8. Cooking an eggplant for 60min is a waste of gas or electricity, please vegans should call products for what they have been named and not try to fool including themselves with lookalikes when it doesn’t in anyway taste like the original, no vegetable can taste like meat 🍖 even if it may be worked on to look like meat

    1. Did you watch the video? This was Gordon Ramsays recipe that I was trying. You are asking vegans to stop… but this was from the biggest anti vegan there is. How are people so dense… like even the title is “is GORDON RAMSAYS Viral EGGPLANT STEAK any good?” I didnt call it an eggplant steak… GORDON RAMSAY did UGH

    2. @Sauce Stache I watched your video and I would say the same thing on his video

      I am not a heavy meat eater neither am I a vegan but it beats me when I meet people who wouldn’t just name things the way they are.

      60min in the oven is too much for an eggplant anyways cheers

  9. lmao why did he call Gordon cocky though? i wonder when people order tuna steak do they expect the tuna to taste and look like a beef steak? or how about when they eat a Beefsteak Tomato…. he turned a vegetable into something different that probably had meaty flavors… this guy uses chemicals to tranform something to looks and taste like something it isnt… point of this comment is just because a dish or food has the word “Steak” in the name, doesnt mean it should look, feel, smell, or even taste like a steak.

  10. Why was he expecting it to taste like a steak 🥩 🤔 🤦🏾‍♂️…. its an eggplant 🍆 it will taste like an eggplant…..

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