53 thoughts on “How to make the best hummus of your life

  1. I love making homemade hummus, you’re tips and tricks are amazing, (like the ice water, and baking soda!) can’t wait to try!

  2. Your editor is stepping on your phrasing so much that It makes it seem like you can’t speak in complete sentences…. you sound like Alvyn the chipmunk… couldn’t watch.

  3. I made this today. It was incredible! I’ve made hummus for a long time, but your method really makes a difference.

  4. I made this recipe and OMG I loved it sooo much! I even did a happy dance hahah. My boyfriend almost ate the entire batch. Will this freeze well (without the topping)? I want this at all times 😂

  5. tried this recipe and it’s amazing!! unfortunately, i’m the only one who is eating it 🙁 so how do i store the left overs?? it’s so good but i can’t eat it all by myself in one sitting

  6. Such a great video, even beyond the host (who is just traffic-stopping) and the mother with the best quote of the decade “…white boy…”. I always peel the chickpeas, it is a lot of work but does make for better texture.

  7. Says 5 minutes
    8.5 hours + prep later…
    Also! There was clearly a giant cutting board that was used to set the lemon zest on. And I spied one on the counter in the back.
    Hummus looks good tho

  8. So I would like to start a movement of sprinkling chaat masala on everything because it’s fantastic and so much better than salt

  9. It’s really the best Hummus recipe. The garnishing is a total game-changer. Thanks, Lemon zest and garlic whose idea was that, truly creative and out of the box.

  10. So cool..so sweet🙂👍I’m gonna make it. A lot of the store bought stuff is made with Canola😱 oil – I can’t eat that . Thanks!

  11. I love Hummus and was used to the stores brand, however, i tried your recipe and now this is my favorite, especially when is so easy to make.

  12. Syrian/American guy over here. Tried a couple of times to make hummus from basic recipes on the net, from canned blended hummus (in attempt to skip some steps) but botched it. Couldn’t figure it out with the lemon/garlic/tahine proportions. Your recipe is very interesting with the baking soda and ice water. Will have to give it another try. Something tells me the canned hummus should be ok, although not as good as fresh. I’m using a blender too (not a processor) so I’m not sure.

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