94 thoughts on “Washed Flour Seitan Recipe from Start to Finish | Viral TikTok Vegan Chicken

  1. Great video! Looking forward to trying it! Side note: the pronunciation is “say-tan”, with the accent on the first syllable.

  2. I did the same flour measurements, and added 2.5 cups of water and for some reason the consistency was very very sticky. I was not able to get it to a soft dough to knead it. Any advice?

    1. Yes. Sorry. My area is very dry and my flour absorbed a lot of water. Always start with less and add only as much water as you need to get the right dough. Flour hydration varies a lot. It is best to do it by weight. For 1000 g flour start with 600 ml water and add some more if you need it.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say I tried this and it worked really well! I made a Nashville Hot chicken with it and it was delicious!

    1. Yes, mostly gluten. I would say this is about 25% by weight protein (gluten), ~5-10% starch and the rest water.

    1. This is refined. It is strong bread flour. You can use whole wheat flour but the bran may make the texture a little bit different.

    1. I shred it for bbq, or slice it and cut it die any recipe I am making. You can season it to make tacos or whatever.

  4. I did this yesterday! I was afraid it would not end up well, because my flour was slightly less than 10% protein, but it is amazing, and the texture too! This recipe is very convenient since I can’t find wheat gluten where I am.Thank you so much Greg!

  5. Everything’s fine, the tutorial is very well made but next time don’t forget to specific how you should cook the seitan. Low, medium or high fire

  6. I am trying to eat less meat and save money. This looks like an interesting option. Thank you for the clear video.

  7. I bought vital wheat gluten flour but wasn’t sure how to uses it. Thanks for that stretching in one direction and tying idea. That’s a new for me. Maybe I will also mix some pea protein isolate hmmm…

    1. You can make dough directly with VWG and stretch it in a similar way. I do like to use VWG when I make sausages. I will do more videos in that when I get time.

    1. I think if it is hydrated enough. After mixing your VWG dough, try adding more eater and massage it under water like you would with this. I’ll try some experiments.

  8. Aw YouTube has came through with the recommendations — you’ve got a wonderful style, super informative and clear, no fluff — very reminiscent of Chef John. Really charming, excited to see more!

  9. I tried it and it turned ozt perfect the very first time I tried due to your nice way of explaining everything 🙂 thanks so much! I used to pay tons of money for seitan from the supermarket! It’s twice as expernsive as meat here in germany. The texture of this Seitan is soooo good

    1. It’s a seasoning made from vegetable proteins full of umami flavors. I think it originally comes from Switzerland. I use the liquid seasoning. If you can’t find this brand, you can use more soy sauce or liquid aminos.

  10. I used to use this recipe to make a beef-like texture. Lately I’ve been adding silken tofu which gives a more solid final result that is more like chicken. You can also combine silken tofu with boiled white kidney beans to achieve the fine dry flakiness of white turkey meat.

  11. Hi, both times I attempted this recipe it came out rubbery and chewy and didn’t wanna shred like chicken. Did I do something wrong

    1. If it is too rubbery, you may have washed out too much starch. Try washing it a little less. It takes a little bit of practice to get it the way you like. Also, the stretching and knotting helps the fibers form. Try to get the gluten strands aligned in one direction when stretching and braiding. Lastly, simmer it very very low. You do not want to boil it.

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