52 thoughts on “LEG DAY at the GYM, workouts, vegan food // vlog

  1. I hope you see this comment because for ig it is impossible😭😅… We missed you many girls. I would like to know how many days a week you train and the days you do 🍑 WISH YOU COULD RECORD your ONE WEEK workout. 𝑇ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝑈 🙏 𝐵𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑛𝑠✨💕

  2. ive been following yr workouts at home for almost 2 yrs now n i finally am able to afford going to the gym, i went saturday for my first day and it was amazing im still so sore to the point it hurts to sit or stand up lmao… but anyways thank uu for being an example n inspiration!! i cant wait to actually lift heavy on the smith machine jus like you omg

  3. I just want to know, how you have bomb clear skin still even though you workout with makeup on? I WISHHH. Oh by the way, love your videos 💕

  4. Jazmin lifting Fxxxxx HEAVY!!!! Hell yeah girl! Good to see you back and doing your thing!! Much love

  5. How are you so tan? I love your skin tone? Do you use any product? And do you use it on your face??

  6. I have been vegan about a month but I was vegetarian for 7 months before that. I do cardio,and want more protein because I don’t feel like I eat nearly enough. Do u have any protein powder & pre work out for cardio recommendations? Or tips ?(:

  7. Can you please do more hair dye tutorials, hair styling, ans more makeup vidssssss please miss some of that
    old content type of vibessssss ❤

  8. Hey girl! You’ve inspired me so much. 😀 I was just wondering what night stand that is. Its super cute n simple thanks 🙂 so glad your back <3

  9. Can’t wait to for you to hit your 1million subscriber..you got this great things take time love your videos 💪🏻❤️😍🤜🤛😎

  10. are you thrusting 315 or am i tripping??? damn!! i have a weird glute and hamstring imbalance so i’m trying to focus on my form before i go up in weight 😭

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