58 thoughts on “How to make incredible vegan breakfast burritos at home

    1. Hello – do you have a book or link for pure organic vegan recipes for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I am indian also by the way Sikh Punjabi that is

  1. This looks like a real good channel . I just wish you could talk a little slower . For us older folks . LOL

  2. Haha I love her mom. She is so funny. That does look like a bra. I had same thoughts 💭

    I love your channel 😋♥️👌🏼

  3. This video was a little bit salty and spicy, but I’ll put a little bit more spice by sharing it. 😂

  4. I. Love. Your. Parents!!!

    Also. I’m super stoked to make these burritos for my friends!

  5. I really wish there were more delicious recipes without nutritional yeast,it actually makes me feel very nauseous,I just can’t eat it .your sauce recipe looks so delicious…Im going to try it without the yeast i hope it still tastes good as the rest of the ingredients I imagine will taste great .

  6. This queso is a game changer! Thanks for another idea to use it! Btw it lasts forever in the fridge!

  7. I loved your channel, you are so convenient in order to mentioning your recipes the minute wise, and chapters. Really I appreciate that.
    I wish you All the success 💐 and soon you will reach million subscription.

  8. I am the tofu scramble royalty and your recipe looks delicious and close to mine, but I highly recommend only adding your kala namak at the end, you waste so much to heat otherwise. if you want something a little more authentic to just scrambled egg on toast, leave out the garlic and onion. personally I think medium to medium firm tofu mimics egg much closer, I just start but dry frying off the excess water, then getting some golden crisp by adding a little vegan butter, and then soy milk as the base of the soak while it’s frying helps get that quintessential crispy edge and bind that egg whites get.

  9. I just made this for Sabbath breakfast. Wow, they’re delicious! I followed the recipe pretty closely, but I like that it will work even when you don’t necessarily have all the ingredients. As long as you have the core items, you can mix and match it. I look forward to making these again! The potatoes reminded me of my old favorite Taco Bell “fiesta potatoes.” Also, even though I’m vegetarian, not vegan, I honestly don’t think that cheese would improve this already delicious burrito! (Watching from Hong Kong 👋)

  10. I was looking for a breakfast burrito recipe and your video was one of the many that popped up. I’ll be honest, I clicked on the video because I saw you and I was like wow this woman is absolutely beautiful and stunning. I’m Indian as well and found your recipe interesting, but I do bodybuilding and so I’m not vegan and I eat a lot of meat. Your beauty have made brought to me to your channel, but I stayed for all the interesting vegan recipes. One day when I’m not in carnivore mode I hope to try and cook one. Also, your parents are absolutely adorable.

  11. It’s sooo delicious! Second time i made it with mixed quinoa and bulgur instead of potatoes yummm. Thank you for the recipe

  12. I just found your YouTube channel. I’m so excited to have more vegan recipe options. Can’t wait to try this breakfast burrito! What type of ceramic sauté pan do you use? I know it’s a 10”.

  13. how can i substitute coconut soy youghurt? In Russia we dont have those apparently… Maybe oat cream 18%? Like milk but thicker)

  14. Not a vegan, but love to cook. I enjoy your videos soooo much. They make me want to try to recreate everything. I already made a Crunchwrap (non vegan bc I don’t have time to make that wonderful meat alternative) and we ate them like they were haute cuisine. Delicious!

  15. I love when the recipe is written on screen and in the description!! Thank you so much for the lovely video. I’m excited to try this and level up my burrito game 🙂

    1. Yes, but I would avoid adding the salsa and avocado for the best results, and instead make those fresh and serve on the side (or serve with store-bought salsa). Wrap the burritos in foil and freeze. To reheat, add the wrapped burritos to a 400ºF/200ºC oven and bake for 30-40 minutes.

      For full details, see my blog post here:

  16. Oh my goodness, this recipe is better than any breakfast burrito I’ve ever tried! And this was my first attempt at a vegan meal and I’m so excited it went well!!!!

  17. Very nice burritos. but. Too many ingredients, too many steps just for breakfast. This is more like a treat you make on a Sunday when you have nowhere to go.

  18. Beautiful parents you have 😊💜and this vegan burrito receipe is the best 🙏 thank you very much for sharing 🌹👌

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