57 thoughts on “HIGH PROTEIN Vegan Full Day of Eating (simple meals) **165g Protein**

  1. Yo people! Hope you enjoy the video regardless of your dietary preferences. If you want more videos on British garden birds let me know by smashing that like button. xx

    1. Like but can you be more specific in next video about how many grams for example tofu, spinach and proteinpowder you are using. Thanks😌

    2. you smashed it with this one Joe.
      I see a lot of vegan full day of eating vids, but not much love for the vegetarians out here. can you make a video at some point for he vegetarian bros out here? get those eggs and whey out 😋

    3. Long term vegan athlete here. You made some descent meals & infographics. Great video, mate! Hope to MORE vegan eats on this channel 😉

  2. This a perfect example of how a non-vegan can still help animals in a way. Thank you for that.

    I wanted to add something regarding to fiber. People who eat many animal products usually have a low amount of fiber intake, and because of this their gut bacteria is a bit different than vegans. When you start eating high-fiber products on every meal (any plant based food basically) your gut bacteria starts adapting and in that process a lot of gas is generated, that’s why people feel bad about eating too much fiber, but when the process is done after 2 weeks or so, you’re back to normal.

    Hope this helps!

  3. these meals look so appetizing, i gotta go and find some spinach gnocchi now. this was informative and hilarious, “eat different stuff to get different stuff, science” :,D love it, this video just made my day, ta ^^

  4. @Joey Delaney: Awesome vid!
    Plant based vegan here, thanks for the great video.
    JoseTheVegan on YouTube

  5. beans and legumes and pulses are all high in lysine? surprised u mentioned mycoprotein and protein powders over these. Beans + Rice = ‘complete’ protein. Increasing your fibre intake slowly is beneficial and you would be fuller longer anyway. Also your body can only absorb about 30g protein from a meal at a time. It would be better to have high protein snacks in between high protein meals.

  6. This is my first video of yours and I fucking love how chill you are, so many YouTubers are too fucking intense. Great stuff, loads of informative… Information!

  7. Gym rat, 15 years training, pt ect.. I like meat and would normally defend eating it at all times but, I’ve just started to notice, it’s only certain meat I actually enjoy.. I mean actually enjoy eating.. Even with chicken my apparent favourite meat, it’s only a certain kind of way its prepared i now like ect.. I’m getting waaaay more fussy regarding meat with no influence.. I actually don’t eat as much meat as I thought although defending eating it like a classic neanderthal. Only the other day a friend went to a Vegan takeaway and gave me a large container.. Nothing else to eat, stoned, didn’t want to insult him I ate it and was baffled in how tasty that shit was.. How full I was.. Thats why I pressed on the video.. Couple days Vegan can’t be a bad thing to do at the least..

  8. Is there an annual “The Most Boring Video On YouTube Award”? You should submit this one, mate! It would be a hot runner! I wanted to gouge my eyes out after 10 minutes of watching.

  9. If people want to be vegan for environmental reasons they are mistaken. Remember these foods have to be grown and agriculture is destructive to the soil. Farming is not environmentally friendly. Countries obsession with GDP is the main reason we have so much environmental destruction.

  10. Would be great to see a video of a week in review of a vegan diet and how you feel after a regular workouts throughout the week.

    Nice to see you trying out vegan meals and proving you can still get the calories and nutrients in

  11. Seitan is actually okay for some people with ibs despite having a lot of gluten. I’m not too sure why but because all of the starches are washed off it seems that I (having ibs) can tolerate it fine. Obviously if you have a gluten allergy don’t eat it

  12. I’m sure this must have been asked a lot.

    Just curious to know about anything more than 30 grams protein per meal. Is it fine? Again, Just want to enlighten myself. Cheers!

  13. Been vegan for 5 years and I think your mindset is what I would love to see more of! I love my veganism but I cba with the arguing about the views behind it, I’m glad there’s a growing number of open minded people experiencing great food and giving me recipes to try too 😏😏😏

  14. 6:30 funny you say that, I made a lentil soup 2 weeks ago and made so much I ate it for 3 days straight. I couldn’t go to the toilet until the last day. After 10 minutes of trying, I finally flushed down that brick i fermented in my stomache for 3 days. In result I clogged the pipes from our entire apartment complex

    1. Haha I actually love lentils and lentil soup, dhal etc, but yeah, you gotta be aware of the fibre content

  15. Bit vague about how it was possibly a little bit more expensive.. Would be better to put prices up if you do this again

  16. A bit disappointing you totally ignored things like beans, lentils, peas etc etc for good protein sources, it’ll only encourage the ignorant to think we just live off processed foods.

  17. I’m vegan now for over 2 years and sometimes get over 100g of fibre a day… you get used to it. 2 nice and easy shits a day no hassle

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